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School choice

Governor, Senate, and House are at odds as details of legislation emerge

Nine applicants met the state’s deadline for proposals to open a charter school in 2025

Legislative maneuver delays review and discussion about specifics.

Meanwhile, state education chief says ESA program’s first test scores were disappointing.

With another battle expected over vouchers, see what legislative leaders and advocates are saying.

Leader of Tennessee school board group and a superintendent explain why they strongly denounced the updated A-F grading system and a proposed expansion of private-school vouchers.

How will they be calculated? Will they matter? Chalkbeat gives a preview.

GOP leaders are expected to file bill by Jan. 9, when the legislature reconvenes.

Lee’s plan seeks to eliminate income requirements and change who could benefit.

The pullout is the latest setback for efforts to overturn the controversial state law.

Grades will be released in December. Revised criteria mark a big change of course under a new leader.

Tess Stovall’s recommendations will be a key factor in whether the state votes to overrule locally elected school boards.

‘Tennessee has always been a bellwether state’ for education reform, says Lizzette Gonzalez Reynolds

Nine charter applicants this year included four new schools, plus five schools in the Achievement School District. The MSCS school board approved two of them, despite the district’s recommendations.

Carney was Penny Schwinn’s go-to manager for major programs.

After Senate balks, House agrees to limit expansion to Chattanooga-based Hamilton County Schools.

GOP lawmakers move quickly to expand Gov. Bill Lee’s education savings account program.

A proposal to take vouchers statewide is also on the table, but unlikely to get a vote this year.

The bills would advance Gov. Bill Lee’s school choice agenda