But the decision won’t turn on a money spigot for religious private schools.
The court order marks another win for Gov. Bill Lee, but more legal challenges loom
With more legal challenges pending, ‘there can’t be any steps going forward,’ Gov. Lee concedes
Cheers, frustrations, and promises to fight follow after Tennessee’s highest court overrules lower courts, clearing an obstacle to the state’s private school voucher law.
The ruling effectively endorses Gov. Bill Lee’s education savings account program, the signature legislation of his first year in office.
The state’s voucher program for students with disabilities could double in size.
A House panel voted 5-4 to defeat a bill that critics said aimed to correct a voucher law overturned by judges.
Critics say it would siphon money from public schools and violate the state constitution.
The proposal would target districts that don’t offer 180 days of annual in-person instruction beginning Sept. 1, 2022
Education is expected to be front and center again — with K-12 funding reform at the top of the list
At stake in the case is the future of school vouchers in Tennessee. Republican Gov. Bill Lee pushed the educational savings accounts, or school voucher law in 2019, as a way for students in Nashville and Memphis to use public funds to pay for private education.
School choice advocates, anticipating the veto from Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, have started a petition drive to circumvent her
With enough signatures, the controversial Opportunity Scholarship program can become law over Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s objections.
Indiana lawmakers added $1.9 billion to school funding, which will help raise teacher pay and also expand private-school voucher for middle-class families
The state would spread a $378 million increase in K-12 funding across all Indiana public schools and a host of contentious education priorities.
The Indiana legislature weighs significantly expanding state funding for private schools to more middle-class families
An Indiana House bill could boost by 40% the number of students, many from middle-class families, receiving state subsidies for private schooling
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