Her book discusses the racial history of school vouchers, the more progressive arguments for school choice, the rise of charter schools, and choice advocates’ recent focus on culture war issues.
Pennsylvania’s spending for education in the state budget is still in limbo amid partisan disputes.
The state’s first choice dropped out after contract negotiations broke down.
‘Tennessee has always been a bellwether state’ for education reform, says Lizzette Gonzalez Reynolds
Pennsylvania House Democrats’ refusal to pass a budget bill with a school voucher program halted negotiations but Shapiro vowed to line-item veto the voucher program when a budget bill hits his desk.
Pennsylvania already has two statewide private school choice programs. But if enacted, the Lifeline Scholarship Program would be the first such program funded directly by the state.
Do vouchers raise test scores or lower them? Do they damage public schools or push them to improve? Here’s your cheat sheet to the big questions about school vouchers.
The controversial Illinois tax credit scholarship program known as Invest In Kids will sunset unless lawmakers agree to an extension. Here’s four things you should know.
Multiple Republican-led states have created or expanded private school choice this year.
See which notable education bills passed and which didn’t during Indiana’s legislative session.
After Senate balks, House agrees to limit expansion to Chattanooga-based Hamilton County Schools.
GOP lawmakers move quickly to expand Gov. Bill Lee’s education savings account program.
Board members acknowledged the larger issue would likely be settled by the Supreme Court, with implications for the separation of church and state.
A proposal to take vouchers statewide is also on the table, but unlikely to get a vote this year.
Lawmakers are considering a plan to dramatically increase spending on the state’s voucher program.
The proposed voucher expansion accounts for about a third of additional funding that K-12 schools might receive.
Sponsors want recently launched pilot program to add Hamilton County Schools
Schwinn says salary leap would be ‘game changer’ to recruit and retain educators
Supporters say school choice bill would give parents more power, while critics say it would take funds from public schools.
Legislation would make all students eligible for Education Scholarship Accounts, regardless of family income.
Third grade retention policy, private school vouchers, and a teacher shortage are among the priorities
The proposal doesn’t have a clear political path after Democrats won full control of the state legislature in November
Democrats say it’s bad policy to expand a ‘pilot’ program that just launched
Both candidates have received big donations from those who influence New York’s education world — helping to paint a clearer picture of who is hoping to have sway over school policy.
Education has featured prominently in Arizona, Michigan, and Wisconsin, three battleground states with tight races for governor.
There are still many open questions about how both would approach policy for schools.
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