Know a teacher worthy of celebration? Nominate them.

A teacher, wearing a blue face mask, stands in front of a whiteboard in a classroom. She is speaking to students who are also wearing masks and are seated at their desks.
During the pandemic many schools faced staffing shortages as educators resigned, but some dedicated teachers remained persistent in helping their students succeed. (Paul Bersebach / MediaNews Group / Orange County Register via Getty Images)

Did you have a teacher who continuously motivated and supported you throughout the year? Do you want to celebrate your teacher this summer? Chalkbeat is seeking nominations to uplight your educators.

Mrs. Barbara Howard, played by Sheryl Lee Ralph, is a stern, caring teacher on “Abbott Elementary,” a wildly popular sitcom about an optimistic Philadelphia school teacher named Janine Teagues – played by the show’s creator and star Quinta Brunson — and her fellow dedicated educators. The show, which was renewed for a second season, recently received seven Emmy nominations.

We all had a teacher like Mrs. Howard, who pushed us to be better and supported our achievements. It’s teachers like them who made the past few school years more bearable for many students. 

During the pandemic, students and teachers struggled while facing uncertainties about safety protocols and had to ping-pong between remote and in-person learning. Teacher resignations and staffing shortages are affecting schools nationwide. According to the National Education Association, in January 2022, 55% of the three million educators represented by the union said they are ready to quit teaching earlier than expected. To combat teacher shortages, some regions, like Philadelphia, are using part of their pandemic relief funds to increase signing and retention bonuses for teachers and other staff.

Many educators who have stayed put say they aspire to make meaningful changes to the school system and encourage students to recognize and maximize their own potential

To celebrate educators this summer, Chalkbeat wants to hear from students and parents. Nominate a teacher who encouraged your growth or your child’s growth throughout the pandemic. Tell us: How has your teacher made the school year easier for you? You can write out your responses in the form below or send us a short video.

We look forward to receiving your submissions on the form below; the deadline is Friday, July 29, at the end of the day. Questions? We’re always listening at 

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