Jason Gonzales

Jason Gonzales

Higher Education Reporter, Chalkbeat Colorado

Jason Gonzales is the Higher Education and Legislative Matters Reporter for Chalkbeat Colorado. Previously, he covered K-12 and higher education for The Tennessean and Brunswick County for the Wilmington Star News. He is a 2018 Education Writers Association Reporting Fellow and 2020 Woodrow Wilson Higher Education Media Fellow. He is a Colorado native and graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder. You can find him on Twitter @ByJasonGonzales.

Colorado public universities have changed deadlines to help students during a rocky financial aid season.

Colorado lawmakers in the Senate Education Committee voted against a bill that would have made it harder to remove content from public and school libraries.

Despite a desire among many community college students to transfer and earn a four-year degree, most in Colorado don't realize that dream.

A bill drafted by Colorado youth would require schools to use transgender students’ preferred names.

Colorado’s budget committee has started the process of drafting a bill that would provide up to $24 million statewide for schools that have enrolled more migrant students.

Colorado lawmakers approved the adult education program last year, but it’s been on hold due to a technical issue.

The Lumina Foundation’s annual A Stronger Nation report shows how many residents have gotten a certificate, certification, or degree.

The state is ending the practice of diverting money from K-12 schools. Some Colorado lawmakers say they now want to increase how much the state spends on education.

Colorado school funding formula recommendations would send more money to schools for student needs, such as whether they’re English learners, students with disabilities, or low income.

The federal government announced FAFSA information sent to schools would be further delayed. Colleges and universities use that information to calculate how much aid students will receive.