Jason Gonzales

Jason Gonzales

Higher Education Reporter, Chalkbeat Colorado

Jason Gonzales is the Higher Education and Legislative Matters Reporter for Chalkbeat Colorado. Previously, he covered K-12 and higher education for The Tennessean and Brunswick County for the Wilmington Star News. He is a 2018 Education Writers Association Reporting Fellow and 2020 Woodrow Wilson Higher Education Media Fellow. He is a Colorado native and graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder. You can find him on Twitter @ByJasonGonzales.

Changing how Colorado funds schools has bedeviled legislators for years, but they hope the new proposal will represent a breakthrough.

David Carrilllo took only a week to adjust after getting released from a Colorado prison. Now, he’s teaching students again.

The plan would provide relief to five different types of borrowers but won’t be put into action for some time.

Colorado’s budget bill finally puts an end to the budget stabilization factor. It also includes more for K-12 and higher education.

The Keystone Policy Center offers recommendations for preparing more students for life after high school.

Lawmakers unveiled the proposal on Tuesday after a week when budget committee members had to make big cuts.

University of Northern Colorado school officials said the work to better represent the state’s population and get more Hispanic students to graduation isn’t done.

The report’s recommendations include ones that require cooperation from the city and other organizations.

Colorado’s budget committee has been hashing out legislation that would provide $24 million for schools enrolling new arrival students. On Friday, they approved the proposal for consideration.

Although Colorado was an early adopter of policies that helped transfer students retain their credits, the system needs an update, according to state leaders.