Jessica Blake

2022 Desk Intern, Chalkbeat National

Mark Rogers is running an experiment in “looping.”

“I’m feeling more confident that this year will be a little bit more normal.” Quarantines are gone, and a new year is beginning.

Schools can end quarantines and regular screening tests for COVID, new CDC guidelines say.

“​​The framework has flipped.” This year, districts requiring masks are few and far between. Philadelphia and Newark are outliers, for now.

“We recognize this as a challenging labor market,” the director of the Everyone Graduates Center said. “We’re not sugarcoating that.”

“Young learners are perfectly primed to think about issues of injustice,” Kimi Waite says.

Las nuevas restricciones al aborto podrían aumentar la pobreza infantil y perjudicar el futuro educativo de las mujeres, entre otros impactos potenciales en el sistema escolar estadounidense.

A read-aloud book started an experiment for a class in Saint Louis County, Missouri. Two years later, the benefits were more than just a tight-knit community.

Experts also expect some increase in teen births and decreases to women’s educational attainment, but the magnitude is hard to predict.

Most parents of children under 5 are hesitant. Efforts to change that are likely to run up against familiar challenges.