College and career readiness

Applications to the city’s network of public colleges more than quadrupled last month.

The Class of 2023 were freshmen when the pandemic disrupted in-person learning. District data indicate 84% of those students graduated in four years, the highest rate in modern history.

Schools are using mentoring and academic advising to help more students stick around.

Colorado cuenta con numerosas opciones universitarias gratuitas para los estudiantes. Los estudiantes también pueden encontrar otras formas de compensar el costo de ir a la universidad.

While students who attend only a KIPP middle school don’t seem to benefit, those who attend KIPP for both middle and high school experienced large gains.

Researchers also found that the share of CPS students enrolling in college recently has risen.

DPSCD has been in negotiations since March with a union representing support staff.

CU Boulder’s free college program now applies to students who are specifically within its engineering program

The Youth in Care - College Advocate Program aims to help students who can feel isolated and often struggle to graduate.

Officials are considering opening more so-called specialty schools meant to help students with more challenging disabilities transition into the real world.

Colorado students rarely have to pay the sticker price of tuition. There are numerous ways to get free college or offset tuition.

From Sept. 25 to 29, 36 colleges and universities in the state will have no application fee.

As the number of English language learners grows in the state, Perry Township tries a new diploma track.

Los estudiantes latinos están subrepresentados en clases avanzadas en las escuelas de Boulder, pero los representantes del distrito tienen esperanza en un nuevo esfuerzo aumentando el acceso a las clases de inscripción simultánea.

One school and four districts received grant funding in May to spend this 2023-24 school year.

A U.S. Supreme Court ruling on race-conscious admissions has focused attention on legacy admissions, which Colorado banned two years ago. The impact on campus diversity is unclear.