Colorado Votes 2021

Outside groups supportive of reform spent more than $1 million in support of a slate of candidates who lost to candidates backed by the teachers union.

Board leaders declare “a new era for Denver Public Schools” and call for dismantling racist systems.

School board races are technically nonpartisan, but it didn’t always feel that way this year.

Four years ago, members supported by education reform groups had all seven seats on the Denver school board. Now it’s the opposite.

If the current top candidates hang on to their leads, the board would be unanimously union-backed for the first time in recent history.  

Aurora school board candidate top fundraiser, Anne Keke, plus all union-backed candidates have a lead in late Tuesday night returns.

Colorado voters approved just over half of the 30 local school district tax measures on the ballot Tuesday, according to preliminary results.

The winning slate includes Danielle Varda, Paula Reed, and Mary Parker.

Colorado voters rejected Proposition 119, which would have raised marijuana taxes to fund out-of-school learning.

Chalkbeat asked Aurora Public Schools board candidates for the 2021 election to answer nine questions about education. Read their answers in this voter guide.

Charters are a key issue in the Aurora school board race but candidates aren’t talking about them, even as outside groups are spending money to sway voters.

Colorado education groups are divided on Proposition 119, which would create a new state agency to pay for afterschool programs, tutoring, art classes, and more. 

Will members backed by the teachers union retain control and keep the district on its current path? Or will candidates backed by reform groups win some seats?

Aurora school board candidates have raised more than $59,000, and outside groups are spending at least $145,000 more.

The union-backed candidates in Jeffco — Paula Reed, Danielle Varda, and Mary Parker — have raised the most money in this year’s school board race.

The bulk of that money has been spent by five independent expenditure committees — one affiliated with teachers unions and four affiliated with reform organizations.

José Silva, who is running to represent northeast Denver on the school board, said the incidents were family matters.

José Silva is running to represent northeast Denver. The election is Nov. 2.

Michelle Quattlebaum is running to represent northeast Denver. The election is Nov. 2.

Gene Fashaw is running to represent northeast Denver. The election is Nov. 2