On the first anniversary of a cascade of nationwide school shutdowns, Chalkbeat is looking back on this toughest of years in education through those who experienced it firsthand: educators, counselors, students, parents.

On the first anniversary of nationwide school shutdowns caused by the coronavirus, Chalkbeat is looking back on this tough year in education.
The Avon district is trying to have as normal a year as possible in the midst of a pandemic — but it comes with the challenge of students and teachers spending weeks, sometimes adding up to months, out of school for quarantines.
Parents and educators sent emails to federal officials early on that foreshadowed what would become the most stubborn challenges for schools during the pandemic.
Denver’s Newlon Elementary School has some students at home and some learning in person. On the anniversary of nationwide school shutdowns, here’s a look at how they adapted.
Brooklyn Democracy Academy Principal Dez-Ann Romain died of the coronavirus. Here’s how her NYC school persevered after losing their leader to COVID-19.
On the coronavirus anniversary, Chalkbeat reflects on what we’ve learned about schools during a period of disrupted learning.
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