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Seven candidates are vying for three spots in an election also featuring the district’s tax levy.
Students, experts, and educators will discuss their ideas on how CRT debates and proposed book bans are affecting schools. Here’s our reading list.
In Illinois, where curriculum traditionally is the domain of individual districts, the conversation is just getting started.
Chalkbeat is tracking efforts to restrict teaching about race and bias in schools, as well as efforts to expand it, on this map of critical race theory legislation.
Malcolm X Shabazz High School in Newark has struggled with violence and low academic achievement for years, even as parents and employees pleaded for help.
A school year already burdened by a pandemic adds another daunting disruption: rebuilding after the storm. And with the number of tornadoes increasing in parts of the country, it’s a disruption that educators are facing more frequently.
In the aftermath of a tragedy, the politics of mourning can be complicated for Black children as their grief traditions clash with a litany of rules.
Some school staff say they could have done more to help families in crisis if they’d had earlier access to their funds.
The pandemic year has uprooted support for students with disabilities in Chicago and nationwide, creating a backlog of old IEPs that could lead to widening academic gaps for students in need of special education services.
I work with young people convicted of crimes. The way they are treated when they go back to school can mean the difference between regression and rehabilitation.
Denver has removed city police who were stationed in middle and high schools. But will the reforms help younger students too?
This pandemic school year has hit Black and Latino boys harder than other students, testing them and the education systems that have often failed many of them.
School districts that saw declines in student enrollment during COVID are looking to the fall. But there are early signs that enrollment may not fully rebound.
WhatsApp became a lifeline for the largely Spanish-speaking families of P.S. 89. Here’s how parents used it to connect the Brooklyn school community amid COVID.
In Pandemic 360, Chalkbeat and Univision 41 explore the many ways COVID-19 impacted the lives of students, parents, and teachers in Newark and New York City.
I am the LGBTQ+ representation I never had. Even now, too few students see themselves reflected in their educators.
After I was accepted at Columbia University, I felt ‘survivor’s guilt.’ I finally understand why.
Rereading my old novels, I realized I was part of the problem.
For Teacher Appreciation Week 2021, readers told Chalkbeat about the educators who went above and beyond in a school year disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic.
Behruz Mahmudov and Kayla Wang, juniors in the Carl Sagan STEM program at Forest Hills High School, will compete in the Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair.
Back on campus, it’s impossible not to feel grateful — and hopeful.
In the suburbs of Chicago, the Dolton West district chose to keep schools closed amid COVID-19. The decision in the mostly Black community was still fraught.
As I taught with a baby strapped to my chest, my students showed me extraordinary empathy.
I used to think I needed to ‘adapt to whiteness.’ Now I know better.
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