The move has prompted mixed reactions from educators and parents.
Masking, routine testing and other precautions will be relaxed this school year
District taps COVID relief funds to support family-friendly Summer on the Block events, summer programming and door-to-door outreach
The court’s order brings whiplash to back-to-school planning. Four days prior, a lower court ruled the city needed to redo the education department budget.
Student enrollment has big implications for public schools, and declines can lead to less funding and school closures or mergers.
Some candidates worry that national culture wars will overshadow local education issues
The vote is unlikely to have an immediate impact on school budgets, but delays in approving a formula could hamper principals’ ability to plan and hire staff.
Group finds 20% of elementary school children don’t get enough play time
Any uptick in enrollment is welcome news to Michigan educators, who have been warning that students were missing out on critical education experiences.
Our newsroom has worked with several dedicated photographers to document these times. These journalists have given us a bird’s eye view of what we otherwise couldn’t see — the lived experiences of school communities that we cover.
Indiana schools no longer have to mask, distance or quarantine, something the youngest students and new teachers have never experienced before.
Schools are teetering between optimism and exhaustion two years into the pandemic.
The largest chunk — about $1.9 billion — will be for an expansion of the city’s pre-K program for 3-year-olds over the next several years.
Statewide enrollment is still down 3% since before the pandemic — and 5% in city districts — raising questions about where those students went.
The last day of January marked the first day of in person learning for thousands of Detroit students since Dec. 16.
As Detroit students return to school Monday, the deadline looms for parents in DPSCD to consent to COVID testing for their children.
Across the nation, many schools have returned to in-person learning after the winter break. But not Detroit.
For the first time in a month, all schools in Philadelphia are in-person after weeks of uncertainty in which some schools shifted to virtual due to staffing shortages caused by the omicron variant.
There were fewer than 100 staff cases during the week the district returned to in-person learning, a steep drop from more than 500 cases in one week after Christmas.
Even with record-high COVID cases, most schools have avoided prolonged remote learning. But it hasn’t been easy.
Students in Adams 14 faced delay and confusion as officials couldn’t agree on when it was safe to return and teachers called in sick.
As Newark Public Schools reopened classrooms Tuesday after two weeks of remote learning, the big question was how many students and staffers would show up.
Newark Public Schools said Friday that classrooms will reopen on Jan. 18. Students spent the first two weeks of 2022 learning remotely due to a surge in COVID cases.
The Pike Township school board replaced Superintendent Flora Reichanadter with an interim leader after months of criticism over her management of the district.
Caught in the middle of the fight between the Chicago school district and its teachers union, some parents had mixed reactions to a return to in-person learning.
Chicago’s teachers have about 24 hours to vote for or against a proposal that would end a standoff between CPS and CTU over COVID safety.
The teachers union, community groups, and parents planned a number of publicity events Monday.
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