The Class of 2023 were freshmen when the pandemic disrupted in-person learning. District data indicate 84% of those students graduated in four years, the highest rate in modern history.

Blaming a driver shortage, the district decided this year to limit bus transportation to students with disabilities and those experiencing homelessness.

With only half of the 1,300 drivers needed to transport students who require bus service, Chicago said it will instead prioritize transportation for students with disabilities and those experiencing homelessness.

The public health crisis paused state testing, impacting how the state typically evaluates schools.

The education department’s spending per pupil has increased by 46%, in large part due to the billions in federal COVID aid the district received as enrollment has dipped.

There are still many open questions about how both would approach policy for schools.

Facing a budget shortfall because of enrollment declines, Soundview Academy’s principal made an unusual request to students, staff and families: Would they help market the school?

The share of students who were homeless has largely not budged even as public school enrollment has dipped by 9.5% since the pandemic.

Local conditions, not just national politics, drove reopening decisions

The scores are the first measure of how students across the five boroughs have fared in reading and math since the coronavirus pandemic.

The move has prompted mixed reactions from educators and parents.

Return to the choir room ‘is like seeing your best friend.’

Masking, routine testing and other precautions will be relaxed this school year

District taps COVID relief funds to support family-friendly Summer on the Block events, summer programming and door-to-door outreach

The court’s order brings whiplash to back-to-school planning. Four days prior, a lower court ruled the city needed to redo the education department budget.

Student enrollment has big implications for public schools, and declines can lead to less funding and school closures or mergers.

Students who can’t attend school in person due to medical issues will receive more hours of weekly instruction beginning in 2023.

If the proposal is approved, this would be the third year the Board of Regents has changed exam regulations in order to dampen the impact of the pandemic.