Tackling racism

The quest for education equity must be motivated by the reality that the workforce will rely heavily on people who aren’t white
As a Black woman, a parent, and an educator, curbing early childhood suspensions and expulsions is personal.
I felt isolated and powerless until I sought out Black spaces at my NYC specialized high school.
Black students at the high school shared their experiences of racism at the school with board of education members last month. Their community is now rallying for change.
If the lawsuit is dismissed, it will end a high-profile dispute that earned Denver Public Schools significant criticism.
The new grant comes as Pennsylvania introduces standards to help teachers address bias.
An empathy divide threatens the lives and well-being of Black children.
Both candidates have received big donations from those who influence New York’s education world — helping to paint a clearer picture of who is hoping to have sway over school policy.
State Board of Ed member Steve Durham hopes students connect the Nazis with socialism. Historians say he’s ‘completely wrong.’
Black trauma doesn’t have to be channeled into some inspiring lesson.
Video from a meeting between students and district staff reveals tensions in the dispute over the podcast trademark, which is now the subject of a lawsuit.
As signals of inclusivity fade or vanish, it is often students of color and LGBTQ young people who feel the effects most acutely.
Students will learn the history of federally run Indian boarding schools that once tried to erase Indigenous culture
Overall, most parents say schools are striking the right balance in addressing racism.
As more states pass laws restricting lessons about racism and sexism, more teachers worry they’ll face additional scrutiny this school year.
Conservative pushback against critical race theory threatens to upend the work of Indianapolis schools to close academic gaps for students of color.
Reading lists should reflect many different people and experiences.
Here is everything you need to know about how critical race theory has shaped the Tennessee curriculum debate up to this point — and what may be on the horizon.
Chalkbeat examined over 20 polls since last year. In some cases, what we found was surprising, while others confirmed conventional wisdom.
An Ohio educator won top teaching honors this week for his work connecting with high schoolers and crafting relevant history lessons.
On my first day of school, I wore a pink floral hijab. I didn’t realize it would make me a target.
Students at North Star Academy said some Black students are unhappy at the school, and some Black teachers have left.
As controversy swirls in the U.S. over how schools teach about race, the district is refocusing the class on “intellectual genealogy.”
The donation comes as schools and lawmakers across the U.S. work to ban teachers from mentioning race or discrimination.
Parents of students who enrolled in seventh and eighth grade say that that the district told them their children could stay through high school, but now has changed the rules
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