Tackling racism

As signals of inclusivity fade or vanish, it is often students of color and LGBTQ young people who feel the effects most acutely.
Students will learn the history of federally run Indian boarding schools that once tried to erase Indigenous culture
Overall, most parents say schools are striking the right balance in addressing racism.
As more states pass laws restricting lessons about racism and sexism, more teachers worry they’ll face additional scrutiny this school year.
Conservative pushback against critical race theory threatens to upend the work of Indianapolis schools to close academic gaps for students of color.
Reading lists should reflect many different people and experiences.
Here is everything you need to know about how critical race theory has shaped the Tennessee curriculum debate up to this point — and what may be on the horizon.
Chalkbeat examined over 20 polls since last year. In some cases, what we found was surprising, while others confirmed conventional wisdom.
An Ohio educator won top teaching honors this week for his work connecting with high schoolers and crafting relevant history lessons.
On my first day of school, I wore a pink floral hijab. I didn’t realize it would make me a target.
Students at North Star Academy said some Black students are unhappy at the school, and some Black teachers have left.
As controversy swirls in the U.S. over how schools teach about race, the district is refocusing the class on “intellectual genealogy.”
The donation comes as schools and lawmakers across the U.S. work to ban teachers from mentioning race or discrimination.
Parents of students who enrolled in seventh and eighth grade say that that the district told them their children could stay through high school, but now has changed the rules
Gov. Lee wants more scrutiny of school libraries, but others say the push is unnecessary and politically motivated.
Here’s what I want you to know about Chicago’s Wendell Phillips Academy High School.
The Chicago educator urged students to think critically about African American history, but her pioneering curriculum was short-lived.
Chalkbeat is tracking efforts to restrict teaching about race and bias in schools, as well as efforts to expand it, on this map of critical race theory legislation.
Stuck at home during the pandemic, my family shared stories and taught me to embrace my Chinese heritage.
Librarians are pushing back, calling the proposal unnecessary and unconstitutional.
Our class traveled to Alabama and Georgia to learn about the struggle for civil rights. They made powerful connections to the present day.
As co-founder of Padres & Jóvenes Unidos, Martinez helped parents and students fight racism in Denver Public Schools.
Chicago teachers deserve real training — not just an occasional lesson plan.
Chalkbeat Indiana would like to know what teachers think about a state bill to limit lessons on race and racism, and restrict mandates in diversity training.
Concerns about critical race theory are often divorced from the reality of what goes on in classrooms.
The findings, released Monday and mirroring national research, raise important questions about the reliability and fairness of the state’s teacher evaluation system.
Some students said they have endured racial slurs from other students, while others alleged being targeted by some teachers who have kicked them out of class or called security on them.
I work to create lessons that allow students to be seen and understood in a way that I never was.
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