Teacher training

Colorado lawmakers want to make more student teachers and educators eligible for financial aid, to attract more students to the profession.
The organization is set to eliminate roughly 400 positions, even as applications were up.
There is greater potential for economic mobility in choosing a profession other than teaching.
The experience made clear what Eric Gaestel needed from my next school — namely, a mentor.
Education issues the Colorado legislature may address in 2023 include youth mental health, school safety, and teacher shortages.
Nonprofit giant becomes an influential force in early childhood workforce training
Mayor Eric Adams plans to open 800 new special education seats for New York City’s for 3- and 4-year-old children by this spring. Hundreds of kids have been waiting to get into programs that meet their needs.
A decade after Sandy Hook, active shooter threats are forcing schools to make impossible choices.
Shortening teacher preparation programs will save MSU students $16,700 in tuition and get them into teaching jobs faster.
Just 17% of New York City schools were meeting the education department’s Computer Science for All equity goals of reaching girls, Latinos, and Black students, according to a recent report from NYU’s Research Alliance.
Nearly 1,000 participants at a Philadelphia gathering discussed the importance of a diverse teacher workforce and the challenges facing Black male educators.
There are still many open questions about how both would approach policy for schools.
Superintendent Tony Watlington said the program will get $1.7 million from the district’s budget on top of $2.5 million in pandemic aid already committed.
Educators have reported myriad challenges at the schools, including a shortage of Spanish-speaking staff.
The state granted extensions to a dozen school districts where most but not all K-3 teachers completed the training.
Leaders hope the project will mint 335 new Colorado teachers over three years.
Video spotlights conflict between duty to inform parents and the responsibility to shield students
The state’s decision to restore accreditation doesn’t affect its order for reorganizing Adams 14.
Two new student teacher programs at Chicago Public Schools and DePaul University received federal grants aimed at addressing educator shortages.
CU Denver’s NXT Gen Teacher Residency program looks to help students return to their community to teach.
The 2022-23 school year officially begins Tuesday across the state
‘I’m ready to share our stories,’ says Melissa Collins, the state’s new chief education ambassador
Ultimately, it became too hard to avoid the pull of teaching high schoolers, Omar Lisojo writes.
Up to $60 million is for the state Department of Education to increase the number of instructional coaches who specialize in phonics-based literacy in elementary schools.
Programs fast-track training, but some worry that they risk shortchanging students
Eric Adams is making literacy a priority. Chalkbeat convened a panel, including educators and other experts, to find out what it will take to change the system.
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