Teacher training

Gateway U’s Teacher Pathway Program helps local school staff take steps to become eligible for full-time teaching positions.
Education department officials say they have a rigorous training plan and that all teachers using new reading curriculums will receive introductory training by the first day of school.
Students are thinking about everything from pay to burnout as they prepare for careers in the classroom.
Many are still pursuing certification as they embark on new careers in the classroom.
High school superintendents are urging schools in their districts to adopt a standardized English language arts curriculum.
Ball State’s Teachers College had previously received a failing grade in a national report on the science of reading.
The state will cover the cost of training for students going into six high-demand fields.
District officials are eager to spend the money to hire more academic interventionists, but a task force will also seek community input
The budget provides money to support teacher recruitment, Detroit initiatives, community advocacy, rural schools, and transportation.
Politicians might consider raising teacher pay, providing more help to new teachers, and supporting all teachers in managing student behavior.
The filmmakers and the students didn’t want to focus solely on how LGBTQ+ youth are marginalized or oppressed. They also wanted to focus on joy.
A new report shows wide disparities in how well Indiana’s teacher prep programs have adopted the science of reading.
The University of Colorado Denver’s teacher prep program is one of seven ordered to make changes to reading coursework in recent years.
The National Council on Teacher Quality report analyzed 10 college and university programs in New Jersey, although another 13 programs in the state did not participate. Some experts have previously questioned the organization’s methodology.
The National Council on Teacher Quality’s review of nearly 700 teacher prep programs did find good news in several states that have revamped their approach to literacy instruction.
The University of Northern Colorado was one of several teacher prep programs in the state to earn top grades from the National Council on Teacher Quality.
Both sides agreed to some gun limits, universal mental health screening in schools, and free college for students in in-demand fields.
In the next two years, all NYC elementary schools will be required to overhaul literacy instruction.
The system, meant to flag students unlikely to graduate, may be incorrectly influencing how educators perceive students.
Research suggests that implicit biases may contribute to racial disparities in education, but it’s less clear whether training employees makes a difference.
“If more guns in more places made us safer, we’d be the safest state on the planet, and we’re not,” a Nashville dad and gun-control advocate said.
District and teachers union leaders want to increase the number of certified educators, especially in high-needs schools.
The assessment exhausts and excludes student teachers, Kate Sjostrom writes.
They ask themselves, ‘Would I be able to step in front of a gun for my students?’
University officials expect to produce 20-30 teachers a year when the program ramps up.
Gov. J.B. Pritzker proposed a $70 million pilot program in the 2024 budget to address the state’s teacher shortage.
Students and faculty shared similar stories about the professor’s problematic behavior during a campus visit by state reviewers last fall.
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