Teacher training

Lawmakers also consider subsidizing tuition for education majors who agree to stay in Michigan
The legislation is one part of a strategy to alleviate a growing teacher shortage in many districts
Leaders must embrace more than our presence; they must value our intellect.
Giving high school students an early look at what it would be like to be at the front of the room — ‘warts and all’
The $20 million center will centralize and strengthen the state’s 65 existing “grow your own” teacher preparation programs.
NYC education officials plan to expand transfer high schools to serve those students, using a Bronx school as one model.
Observation only goes so far. Pre-service teachers need more opportunities to work directly with students.
I’m an education major. Here’s what draws me to a profession many are leaving.
Immigration advocates say that public schools can be “largely inaccessible” for thousands of immigrant students.
With the end of the school year approaching, NYC schools have spent just about half of this year’s COVID relief, according to a comptroller report.
The pandemic helped drive the state’s decision to scrap the requirement, and follows reforms in recent years to teacher certification in New York.
Free college classes are part of a multi-pronged state effort intended to mint more early childhood teachers before Colorado’s universal preschool launch.
As Iowa lawmakers took on “divisive concepts,” a conference highlighting students was postponed indefinitely.
Some district leaders say the state’s rules for proving teachers completed the training is burdensome and extends beyond what a 2019 law requires.
COVID has made recruiting tougher, but the latest drops are also part of a years-long trend.
The Illinois state board of education will use federal coronavirus relief funds to support bilingual teachers who want to earn a state license
Indiana has earmarked millions of federal dollars to train more special education teachers as a shortage looms.
Once heralded as a training ground for educators, Cheyney University is taking steps to increase racial diversity in the teaching workforce.
Early career educators aren’t getting the feedback they require to thrive.
The national teachers union hopes the stipends will help keep students in the program.
The district is investing $3.1 million for district employees, specifically Black, Latino, and Asian workers, to consider leadership roles at schools.
Lawmaker proposes putting uncertified college students in classrooms to alleviate a crippling teacher shortage.
The researcher behind Tennessee’s pre-K study wants to rethink public preschool. Others say not so fast.
IPS plans to use federal relief dollars, known as ESSER funding, to cover the initial cost of two new training programs.
John Dewey High School hopes to grow its new teaching academy and eventually have student teachers work in a middle school to be built next door.
My teacher training program is more draining — and deflating — than it needs to be. Here’s why.
In Illinois, 88% of superintendents report a teacher shortage and 93% of leaders believe the problem will remain in 2023 and 2024.
The Colorado state board of education granted full approval Wednesday to Regis’ elementary education and special education programs after the university revamped coursework on reading instruction.
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