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The 2021 law that vexed third grade families last year offers fewer promotion pathways this year

Some states may kick in extra money, but school districts will likely have to cut other programs or shrink the size of their tutoring programs to make the finances work.

The Biden administration highlighted tutoring in Chicago and efforts to combat chronic absenteeism in Detroit as officials urged schools to do more to raise student achievement.

Newark Public Schools is among high-impact tutoring grant applicants still waiting to learn if they will receive state funding.

Not all students met all benchmarks, though one tutoring company was more successful than the other.

The virtual tutoring can vary from school to school, and can be used to fill vacant positions, offer academic interventions, or provide SAT prep.

Some principals say the program is paying off and want to find funding to keep it going.

The move by Las Vegas and Tampa area schools follows scrutiny of the company’s practices.

The Indianapolis tutoring program in reading will operate at nine schools and a Boys & Girls Club.

Indiana Learns, the state tutoring program that launched last fall, will now be open to students in grades 3-8 who meet certain requirements.

New Jersey students took the state’s standardized test last spring. The scores pointed to the severity of the pandemic on student learning and the efforts Newark leaders must take to recover from it. 

As parents, what questions should you be asking about tutoring and whether your student can benefit? Here are some tips and insights from experts.

While they’re unsure why participation is low, district officials say they’re working to reach more students next school year.

There’s a growing consensus that schools should schedule intensive tutoring during the school day and lean on computer programs to reach more students.

Five states will work to identify tutoring providers with proven track records and help districts set up schedules that allow for more tutoring.

Train paraprofessionals and parents, carve out class time, and be wary of virtual programs.

As virtual tutoring struggles to reach students nationwide, education officials in the state said Paper had failed to get enough students help. 

Gov. Kathy Hochul’s proposals showed a deeper commitment to addressing how the pandemic impacted students both academically and mentally.