2020 elections

Across America, Black, brown, and Asian students look to the Biden administration with hope, pride, and great expectations.
Strong shifts in voting based on educational level are happening in nearly every state and in most counties.
With all eyes on another coronavirus relief package, teachers are hoping for an infusion of cash for schools, especially to help prevent layoffs.
The battle for control of the IPS board has become contentious and politicized.
In the at-large race for IPS board, charter-friendly candidate Kenneth Allen unseated incumbent Elizabeth Gore.
Colorado’s Amendment B repealed the Gallagher Amendment in an effort to head off a fiscal crisis for schools.
In two of three races for the Colorado State Board of Education, Democrats were leading challengers
The outcome of the races for president and U.S. Senate will have big implications for a future coronavirus relief package.
A bailout that would give Gary Community Schools $71.2 million and its teachers a raise was leading in vote tally late Tuesday night.
The vigorous campaign pitted well-financed supporters of the current IPS administration against opponents who are critical of the district’s collaboration with charter schools.
The passage of Denver measures 4A and 4B will fund teacher pay raises, air conditioning, and a comprehensive high school in far northeast Denver,
Colorado voters approved a nicotine tax Tuesday that will eventually fund universal preschool for 4-year-olds statewide.
Democrats flipped political control of the University of Colorado Board of Regents, moving the last statewide Republican stronghold blue.
Philadelphia school district continues to be underfunded by the state to the tune of $5,600 per student
Education hasn’t been at the center of the presidential campaign, but it could have big effects on public school funding, civil rights enforcement, and future court cases.
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