Meet Dr. Kem: Her new column will be your go-to spot for teacher conversations

A Polaroid of a smiling woman with brown hair who’s wearing a red shirt and a chunky necklace. The photo has the words After the Bell written on it. The photo sits on top of another photo of a classroom.
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The district is still working to shorten bus rides for more than 100 students with disabilities to comply with state law.

Lee’s plan seeks to eliminate income requirements and change who could benefit.

With initiatives targeted at specific schools, neighborhoods, or family needs, they’re chipping away at a problem that has long undermined efforts to improve student achievement.

The statistics illustrating the depth of the youth mental health crisis are sobering. We want to hear from you to better understand it.

A coalition called Every School Day Counts has been at it since 2012.

During a recent lesson at a Grand Junction preschool that receives state funding, children were taught what sin is, and how God feels about sinners.