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Adams 14 School District

The action was not sanctioned by the district’s teachers union.

The ruling also changed how courts decide if local governments can sue the state.

Colorado State Board members received an update on low performing schools Wednesday. 

Líderes en Adams 14 celebraron la decisión de que el distrito no deberá reorganizarse.

The district must still follow a second State Board order to have a partial manager help with school improvement efforts.

Adams 14 moved out of turnaround to earn a priority improvement rating, same rating as in 2019.

But, the number of schools and districts with good ratings remains lower than before the pandemic, mirroring state test data trends.

But 2023 CMAS results also show worrying signs that many students are still struggling, and that recovery is uneven. Here’s everything you need to know.

El distrito, el primero en el estado que recibiera una orden de reorganización, empezó antes que la mayoría de los distritos escolares en Colorado. Algunos padres tienen curiosidad de saber qué cambios se aproximan.

Charter School Institute approval came while the Adams 14 district is still challenging the state’s removal of its exclusive chartering authority.

University Prep charter schools wins argument that the school district has unfairly treated charter schools and disregarded State Board orders.

The case will examine local control, and districts’ authority to appeal State Board of Education orders.

Colorado Board of Education decisions on how to intervene in school districts with low test scores are final. A bill would change that by allowing districts to appeal to the courts.

The State Board of Education granted a second appeal after the district refused to renegotiate the contract.

The new, expanded Colorado State Board of Education voted 5-3.

As more schools focus on student mental health, Chalkbeat examines how these roles are designed to help.

Los líderes de Adams 14 están luchando contra la intervención del estado. Al mismo tiempo, dicen que están trabajando para mejorar la educación.

If the district and charter fail to finalize a contract, the case can return to the State Board.

The new contract gives Superintendent Karla Loría a raise reflecting new duties since the district terminated a contract with an external manager.