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Westminster Public Schools

Las Escuelas Públicas de Westminster tuvieron sus primeras elecciones competitivas en seis años, pero los votantes decidieron que quieren mantener la dirección actual.

Here’s what they said about the issues facing the district.

Es la primera vez en seis años que el distrito de Westminster tendrá elecciones competitivas.

After canceling school board elections the last two cycles, the district has its first contested race in six years.

En un intento del distrito escolar para recuperar algo de la enseñanza perdida, los estudiantes de Westminster podrán optar por extender el año escolar.

Many school districts are looking at summer learning options to make up for learning losses. Westminster will extend this school year by 12 days for those who sign up.

One teacher logged onto Zoom to find eight little faces in eight little boxes. The other met her 17 students at the classroom door for temperature checks.

Westminster is one of at least a half dozen school districts in Colorado that have already had to use quarantine procedures.

Westminster Public Schools was one of the first in Colorado to commit to full-time in-person learning for families who wanted it this year. The district’s first day of school was Thursday.

The Westminster school board voted unanimously to approve the five-day plan Tuesday night. The district will now also share the plan with Tri-County Health and with the Colorado Education Department.