The foundation is launching a new grant program aimed at providing city schools with more resources to develop, support, and increase achievement outcomes for Newark’s students with disabilities and multilingual learners.

The Chicago Teachers Union is proposing adding 'newcomer liaisons’ at schools enrolling students arriving from other countries. But the district is facing a budget deficit that could limit hiring.

Thousands of migrant families are moving into majority Black neighborhoods, where schools are struggling to serve kids who are learning English as a new language.

Preschool operators say the city policy limiting the shelter stays of migrant families to 60 days has had devastating effects on their families and programs.

DPS hired 64 new international teachers this year, and its goal is to double that number next year.

Districts enrolled a total of 8,085 newcomer students after the October count and through Feb. 29.

Leaders say hiring community school coordinators, like Aurora has at each of its zone schools, is key to making the model work.

Chicago Public Schools is using local and state definitions to track the enrollment of migrant students, making it harder to understand the needs of new students

The Heritage Foundation is urging states to charge undocumented students tuition to attend public school in an effort to provoke a challenge to the Supreme Court’s landmark Plyler v. Doe ruling.

Parents of Lowell Elementary School students are taking an English literacy class at the school to boost their chances of getting a job, going to college, and being able to help their kids with homework.

Juntos, an immigrant rights organization, found schools lack the proper resources, training, and support to help newcomer students acclimate and succeed.

The guidance is new this spring and comes in response to the influx of newcomer students.

Screening students, for example, has taken up a lot more time for some teachers.

Dual language programs are meant to teach students in English and another language.