Diversity & Equity

The Youth in Care - College Advocate Program aims to help students who can feel isolated and often struggle to graduate.
Denver gives newly arrived migrant families 30 days of free housing. When time is up, some families struggle to find somewhere else to go.
The district is seeking a total of $14.4 billion for updates ranging from new roofs and windows to special classrooms.
Homeless students are suspended at higher rates than their peers. ‘They’re being punished, a lot of times, for being impoverished.’
The New Jersey Department of Education gave Philip’s Academy Charter School an award for diversifying its teacher workforce. Historically, Newark schools have struggled to hire teachers who reflect the makeup of their student population.
Officials are considering opening more so-called specialty schools meant to help students with more challenging disabilities transition into the real world.
Preliminary data analyzed by Chalkbeat shows just over 322,000 students were enrolled as of the 20th day of school, when the district takes an official count. The stable number comes after a decade of dramatic annual declines.
The Cherry Creek School District built the new facility in Aurora with $19 million in voter-approved bond funding.
A majority of the students at Hallett are Black, and families say the environment that Principal Dominique Jefferson has created is affirming and joyful.
The shift raises questions about who schools are serving, how they should be resourced, and what the district — and the city — can do as it continues to lose students.
We’ve failed to show many educators of color that teaching and education leadership are viable career paths.
Los estudiantes latinos están subrepresentados en clases avanzadas en las escuelas de Boulder, pero los representantes del distrito tienen esperanza en un nuevo esfuerzo aumentando el acceso a las clases de inscripción simultánea.
One school and four districts received grant funding in May to spend this 2023-24 school year.
No hay mucha información de un nuevo programa estatal, pero al menos una escuela aumentó la diversidad de estudiantes en sus clases avanzadas.
Blaming a driver shortage, the district decided this year to limit bus transportation to students with disabilities and those experiencing homelessness.
Families of transgender youth are moving to Illinois, where state law protects gender-affirming medical care and encourages inclusive school policies.
Meckler describes the lessons from Shaker Heights, Ohio, which has maintained racially integrated schools for decades.
The city is grappling with an increase in asylum seekers in its K-12 public schools as well.
A U.S. Supreme Court ruling on race-conscious admissions has focused attention on legacy admissions, which Colorado banned two years ago. The impact on campus diversity is unclear.
The new civil rights guidance suggests practices related to curriculum and support for certain groups are permissible, but race-exclusive groups may not be.
District officials said 47 students with disabilities have bus rides longer than an hour. It’s a steep decline from last year when more than 3,000 had hour-plus commutes.
As roughly 320,000 students went back to class across Chicago, the district faces a number of challenges for the new school year.
The issues include the city’s precarious funding situation, enrollment shifts, and what support will look like for migrant students.
Only about 2% of NYC parents voted in the recent community education council elections. Turmoil in the office administering the elections may have hurt turnout, some say.
Under the class size law, new resources could be funneled to some of the city’s better-off schools.
More than 5,000 new English learners enrolled in Chicago schools last year. With the first day of school rapidly approaching, a Chalkbeat analysis found a complicated picture of bilingual staffing resources at the district.
Getting the right superintendent is a ‘humongous responsibility,’ says the longtime head of Latino Memphis.
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