Early Childhood Education

A national report predicts more than 56,000 Michigan children will lose child care services, though some experts are less pessimistic.
The report cites key health indicators for parents and children, as well as policy changes. But the state still lags the national average in some areas.
A new lawsuit against NYC’s health and education departments raises the question: Who’s responsible when the city fails to provide Early Intervention services?
Officials are considering opening more so-called specialty schools meant to help students with more challenging disabilities transition into the real world.
El programa preescolar universal de Colorado ya está aquí. Si el medio día de clases no es suficiente, estos programas podrían ayudar.
National researchers said Colorado’s new universal preschool program could have some of the weakest quality standards in the country.
Illinois Action for Children’s report on child care in Cook County found that federal emergency relief funds allowed many providers to keep their doors open. However, families still face barriers to get affordable care.
Some programs are for low-income families, and others serve families regardless of income.
Governor’s executive order specifies that MiLEAP is not intended to infringe on the State Board of Education’s constitutional authority, so Nessel says it’s better to wait and see whether conflicts arise.
The Illinois Early Childhood Access Consortium for Equity report found that about an additional 500 students who already work in early childhood education enrolled in college.
School districts and education groups say the state has broken promises about funding, among other problems.
“We don’t give more fourth grade hours to low-income families,” said Gov. Jared Polis. “I view half-day preschool the same way.”
This school year, roughly 6,900 students are enrolled for preschool with no waitlist – an increase over last year’s 6,600 students, the district said.
The board wants clarification on whether MiLEAP would challenge its authority to oversee all public education.
Things are ‘still lean,’ said an Aurora Public Schools recruiter, ‘but there’s definitely a change in the number of folks who are coming out.’
Half of 4-year-olds participating in Colorado’s new preschool program have risk factors, but there’s not enough money to give all of them full-day classes.
I’m a preK teacher. Here’s why I think the move to a private equity-owned curriculum is a problem.
MiLEAP will tackle early childhood education, after-school programs, and partnerships to promote career success
The battle comes four years after the city boosted teacher pay in community-based programs to match their public-school counterparts.
Colorado is on track to meet its goal of serving between 40% and 60% of the state’s 4-year-olds in the new universal preschool program, a spokeswoman said.
Colorado non-profit Parent Possible, which supports parenting and promotes school readiness, receives an unexpected $1 million.
Programs have long struggled to provide all children with the services they need, as they are legally required to do.
DPSCD student enrollment and the city’s overall population have been on a steady decline in recent decades.
“Oftentimes, people think about child care deserts as being somewhere else,” one local provider said. “But the truth is that New York has one of the most significant child care supply-and-demand imbalances in the country.”
A boost in early childhood education, more funding for K-12 schools, and a major investment in accessing higher education are in the final version of the 2024 budget that the House passed early Saturday morning. It now heads to Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s desk to be signed.
Tens of thousands of children missed early intervention and special education services during the pandemic, leaving preschools and elementary schools to fill in the gaps.
Illinois legislators pass bill that requires school districts to have a full-day kindergarten bill by 2027 as spring legislative session starts to wind down.
Mayor Eric Adams has proposed ending Promise NYC, which has provided free child care to 600 undocumented immigrant children.
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