English language learners

“It is unconscionable that the city has yet to fully close the gaps for immigrants with disabilities,” one advocate said.
50 years ago, a landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision was shaped by the racist idea that poor children can’t learn.
From students with disabilities to schools serving disadvantaged students, ‘there’s just a lot of uncertainty’
Harbor Heights Middle School, which had just over 100 students before the pandemic, dropped to an enrollment of around 60 students this year.
Las clases de idioma ayudan a los estudiantes de Denver a hablar con sus abuelos, leer literatura y conseguir trabajo .
A veces necesito Google Translate solo para poder conversar con mi mamá.
If successful, the teacher wants to follow the path laid out by the Spanish language arts program at the school.
Illinois public schools saw a 1.7% drop in enrollment this school year, according to data from Dec. 14. But the number of English learners is growing.
Data obtained by Chalkbeat suggests that the temporary policy change — first canceling the English Regents and then not requiring a passing score to graduate — made it easier for English language learners to earn their diplomas.
“Siempre estaba asegurando que siempre fuéramos más lejos, hiciéramos más y nos esforzáramos más por los niños.”
The $10 million initiative aims to help the influx of asylum-seeking families from South America who have come to New York City over the past several months. Previously, undocumented familes were not eligible for subsized child care.
Teachers who oversee English learners’ language development are critically needed in Indiana.
Migrant students have enrolled in Chicago Public Schools and 11 different suburban districts. In Chicago, teachers are raising concerns about declining numbers of bilingual staff and lack of translated curricula.
There are still many open questions about how both would approach policy for schools.
Indiana reported an 8.5 percentage point drop in reading scores on state tests among third graders learning English.
Many of the students are asylum seekers who have arrived recently from South American countries.
Educators have reported myriad challenges at the schools, including a shortage of Spanish-speaking staff.
Funding for schools with fewer students who live in poverty has increased faster than funding for schools with more such students, one group said.
Su Casa Preschool aims to provide quality early childhood education to Spanish-speaking immigrant children
The scores are the first measure of how students across the five boroughs have fared in reading and math since the coronavirus pandemic.
At least 1,000 new students are expected to enroll in district schools, including preschool-aged children.
High housing costs and falling birth rates are driving down school enrollment in Denver’s historically Latino neighborhoods, making it harder to fill some bilingual classrooms.
Los altos costos de vivienda y la reducción en tasas de natalidad están reduciendo la matrícula escolar en las comunidades históricamente latinas de Denver, y esto hace más difícil llenar algunos salones bilingües.
Chalkbeat created a lookup tool examining changes to Fair Student Funding, a major source of funding for schools.
Schools will see less money in new budget deal, but Mayor Eric Adams says they’re not cuts. Instead, he sees the funding as reflecting the decreased student population.
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