English language learners

Our California school district has a large population of Mexican families for whom neither Spanish nor English is their first language.
Denver gives newly arrived migrant families 30 days of free housing. When time is up, some families struggle to find somewhere else to go.
This ENL teacher wants her students to feel comfortable sharing their stories and identities.
Preliminary data analyzed by Chalkbeat shows just over 322,000 students were enrolled as of the 20th day of school, when the district takes an official count. The stable number comes after a decade of dramatic annual declines.
El programa preescolar universal de Colorado ya está aquí. Si el medio día de clases no es suficiente, estos programas podrían ayudar.
Students returned to the city’s nearly 1,600 schools on a sweltering Thursday as a possible bus strike loomed.
As the number of English language learners grows in the state, Perry Township tries a new diploma track.
It will be a pivotal school year for schools Chancellor David Banks, as his signature initiative to overhaul literacy instruction starts rolling out.
Jianan Shi describes himself as “an immigrant that’s fallen in love with Chicago.” Here’s why he feels “the urgency of this work,” and what he plans to do about it.
More than 100,000 asylum seekers have arrived in New York City since last summer, with an estimated 20,000 children enrolling in the city’s public schools.
Ahora que se acerca el primer día de clases, esto es lo que sabemos sobre los recursos bilingües y los estudiantes de inglés en las Escuelas Públicas de Chicago.
It took a few days, but the girls who are staying at a local police station with their families are now officially enrolled in Chicago Public Schools.
Navarro completed a year of training through Chicago Public Schools’ Teacher Residency program. Now he teaches as a special education teacher at Finkl Academy, where he previously worked as a paraprofessional.
As roughly 320,000 students went back to class across Chicago, the district faces a number of challenges for the new school year.
The issues include the city’s precarious funding situation, enrollment shifts, and what support will look like for migrant students.
But 2023 CMAS results also show worrying signs that many students are still struggling, and that recovery is uneven. Here’s everything you need to know.
More than 5,000 new English learners enrolled in Chicago schools last year. With the first day of school rapidly approaching, a Chalkbeat analysis found a complicated picture of bilingual staffing resources at the district.
Getting the right superintendent is a ‘humongous responsibility,’ says the longtime head of Latino Memphis.
Asylum-seekers volunteer at the center to help other migrants. The grassroots group is looking to expand its volunteer base to students.
Inspired by NYC’s Summer Youth Employment Program, Oyate’s summer internship focuses on helping undocumented students.
Latino students, English learners, white students, and wealthy students all are more likely to attend schools where most other students have similar backgrounds, the study finds, with major implications for educational equality.
Thousands of school-aged children are among the new migrant arrivals and enrolling them into local public schools is a priority for the city of Chicago. The new “welcome center” will help newcomer families get help signing up for school, making medical and dental appointments, and enrolling in public benefits, such as food assistance and Medicaid.
‘These children are coming from a lot of trauma, and the first thing cannot be academics,’ said Sol Camano, a bilingual Chicago educator.
William Henry Burkhart Elementary’s successful work with English language learners is rooted in work that began nearly two decades ago.
Susana Córdova empezó como estudiante en Denver Public Schools y llegó a ser comisionada de educación del estado. Lea cómo ayudará a los estudiantes.
The public health crisis paused state testing, impacting how the state typically evaluates schools.
The women in my family haven’t had the opportunities now before me, but their stories made mine possible.
Las mujeres de mi familia no han tenido las oportunidades que yo, pero sus historias hicieron posible la mía.
Los miembros de la comunidad dicen que el próximo líder de Sheridan tiene que escuchar a los padres, y también ponerle fin al éxodo de maestros.
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