Federal policy and reform

It will be welcome news for school leaders worried about inflation and supply chain issues.
It remains unclear how useful the data would be in its early forms, but would be a significant step toward assembling data on nonbinary students.
Polis is one of few elected Democrats to speak out against the changes, which could make it harder for charters to get startup grants.
With the end of the school year approaching, NYC schools have spent just about half of this year’s COVID relief, according to a comptroller report.
Mayor Eric Adams wants to give summer jobs to all youth who want one. But undocumented youth can’t participate in the program.
Some researchers say it’s likely. Federal NAEP scores have been stagnant for high schoolers, but that could be due to falling dropout rates.
Biden also wants to increase money for community schools, English learners, and students with disabilities.
They have run up against the national labor shortage and supply chain issues.
With pandemic waivers set to expire, schools are bracing for higher meal costs and summer planning hiccups.
Biden sought to increase Title I by $20 billion. A new budget deal would increase it by $1 billion.
The President beseeching citizens to pitch in at schools is an unusual move, but reflects the tumult of the last few years
Tutoring and enrichment programs require finding staff to work extra hours in a moment when educators feel overworked.
Earning a four-year degree while incarcerated may become possible in Colorado as a prison education program and Pell Grant financial aid expand.
Secretary Miguel Cardona also challenged schools to offer intensive tutoring to help students catch up.
As schools struggle with staffing shortages, federal officials say they should consider raising salaries and hiring more substitutes.
Parents are taking different actions as a result of the conflict. Some even are pulling their children out of public schools.
Research suggests that the enhanced child tax credit has prevented 2 million children from going hungry.
New OSHA rules could mean more teachers will face vaccination mandates next year.
Biden’s plan includes billions to expand preschool, give more students free lunch, and extend the child tax credit.
Once approved, the shots will be distributed to school-based clinics, pediatricians’ offices, and other sites.
It’s the latest escalation in tensions between federal and state officials over who can set the terms for school safety.
President Biden ratcheted up the political battle over school safety and masks on Wednesday.
Michigan districts are investing heavily in summer school to accelerate learning. They are hiring reading, math, and behavioral specialists (and a few drones) as students transition back to classrooms.
Educators say schools need new hires now. But that could mean layoffs later.
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