Federal policy and reform

President Biden said federal funds will pay to replace lead pipes in hundreds of thousands of schools and child care centers. In the meantime, many are dealing with high lead levels now.
From students with disabilities to schools serving disadvantaged students, ‘there’s just a lot of uncertainty’
The new bipartisan legislation includes tens of billions of dollars committed to schools, student support programs, and college funding.
These stories will take you inside the world of an exhausted social worker, a student working to come out of her shell, and a mother trying to help her son catch up.
Spending accelerated this fall as planned projects started in U.S. school districts.
A decade after Sandy Hook, active shooter threats are forcing schools to make impossible choices.
The share of U.S. schools with more than half of students eating free and reduced-price lunch has dropped from 84% to 69% this year, according to a recent survey.
“The national conversation on homelessness is focused on single adults who are very visible in large urban areas. It is not focused on children.”
Student loan borrowers across the country will have until December 2023 to apply for up to $20,000 in forgiveness from the federal government.
The changes are supposed to be reflective of a system that pushes for improvements and support for all students, officials said.
Nine-year-olds across the country saw historic drops in math and reading scores on a key national test.
Biden’s plan offers more relief to students who started with the least but doesn’t address the much higher debt burden carried by Black and Hispanic borrowers.
In most cases, students who’ve been exposed to a person infected with monkeypox shouldn’t be excluded from school or other activities.
Some school officials are bracing for a spike in student meal debt as paperwork requirements return.
The founder of Royals for Women’s Rights at Hamilton Southeastern High School says education and open discussions are crucial.
Schools need to make sure students aren’t being disciplined for behavior related to their disability, especially as the effects of the pandemic drag on, new guidance says.
New federal legislation will help keep school meal programs financially afloat this fall and get more food to kids this summer.
Experts also expect some increase in teen births and decreases to women’s educational attainment, but the magnitude is hard to predict.
The proposal is the latest step by the Biden administration to strengthen protections for LGBTQ students at school.
But the decision won’t turn on a money spigot for religious private schools.
The new data suggests that the charter sector was experiencing growing pains even before controversial rules proposed by the Biden administration.
Education Secretary Miguel Cardona called for raising teacher pay in a speech Thursday.
“It’s important to make sure that the stewardship of the program — particularly with respect to accountability and fiscal responsibility — is there,” said Assistant Education Secretary Roberto Rodríguez.
President Biden urged lawmakers to act after 18 students and a teacher were shot and killed at a Texas elementary school on Tuesday.
It will be welcome news for school leaders worried about inflation and supply chain issues.
It remains unclear how useful the data would be in its early forms, but would be a significant step toward assembling data on nonbinary students.
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