Healthy schools

School lunch programs grew during the pandemic. With federal waivers set to expire, lawmakers are asking voters to maintain that progress.
All Colorado students have had access to free lunch for the last two years. Lawmakers are considering a ballot measure to continue that benefit.
The proposed 30% increase from the current custodial services contract would increase the base pay rate for employees to $15 per hour from $10.
A Colorado bill would make school meals free, regardless of whether students qualify for subsidized prices. But lawmakers are concerned about the cost.
There’s evidence that such projects will benefit students, but some may have only a tenuous connection to COVID.
The board wants to ensure no students have to miss class because they can’t afford menstrual hygiene products.
Federal COVID money along with help from the local school district helped a tiny Colorado charter school launch a lunch program.
The pandemic has been tough on food service workers because of staff and supply shortages
Some Newark students and teachers have had to buy or bring their own drinking water because school water fountains are turned off. Officials had hoped to restore water by September but now say water fountains will stay shut off through spring 2022.
Routine childhood vaccinations, like measles and Tdap, dropped during the pandemic. Doctors and schools want kids up to date on their vaccinations.
Newark Public Schools is racing to lease and renovate buildings so it can open new schools. The plan faces legal and financial risks.
The district said efforts are ongoing to put federal funds toward unfinished learning and supporting students’ social and emotional needs.
Research suggests that the enhanced child tax credit has prevented 2 million children from going hungry.
Tennessee’s largest school district has reported a 36% jump in homeless students from last fall.
Chalkbeat wants to hear from you about recently passed legislation setting different requirements for mask mandates in public schools and private schools.
But the few districts that have strictly enforced vaccine rules have seen success.
Biden’s plan includes billions to expand preschool, give more students free lunch, and extend the child tax credit.
Chicago Public Schools will spend $7.5 million for an anti-violence program to reach teens in “high-risk situations.”
Providers say they shoulder costs for heating and repairs — and have concerns for the children in their care. Some 400 child care centers are housed in buildings operated by NYCHA, a system beset by lead, mold and other woes.
Parents and children have raised concerns on deteriorating quality of school lunches and fewer menu options.
Supply chain challenges are leading some districts such as Newark to buy pre-made meals from vendors.
The Austin school district and public health department took advantage of community trust to plan one of Indiana’s most successful school reopenings
The lack of school nurses is more severe than usual because of the fierce competition in the job market.
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