COVID-19 in Indiana

The charter school’s building needs to be rezoned to open and going to the Indianapolis City-County Council is the next step.

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New tutoring programs also aim to be more accessible by covering the costs.

Like many other states, Indiana is leaning on tutoring to help students recover from the effects of the COVID quarantines and school closures.

Additional data indicates that groups like English language learners need more intense help to catch up.

Providers hope the stress of maintaining safety protocols to keep the virus at bay will ease.

Dubbed enrichment scholarships, Indiana’s voucher-like program will provide each student who qualifies through their score on state tests a $500 grant toward tutoring.

New Indiana Department of Health guidance will no longer require schools to quarantine students who have been exposed to COVID-19 beginning Feb. 23.

Indianapolis Public Schools is receiving free rapid tests through a federal program and bought additional tests with federal relief money.

The state shattered previous records for cases and schools, leading several districts to implement remote learning to some degree.

There were 67,514 students in the graduating class, which experienced COVID-related disruptions throughout their senior year.

Months after the stimulus began flowing, public information on how local districts are spending it is inconsistent and often hard to find. 

Indianapolis Public Schools is collecting voluntary data on vaccination rates among students and teachers and offered a $300 COVID vaccine incentive to staff.

Indiana’s proficiency rate fell overall, but Black and Hispanic students saw a greater drop in scores after a year of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

IPS saw a small enrollment increase in the 2021-22 school year after students across the nation left public schools during the pandemic.

Indiana incorrectly listed 71 schools as not reporting their COVID cases to the state Department of Health; in fact, those schools had zero cases

The Austin school district and public health department took advantage of community trust to plan one of Indiana’s most successful school reopenings

The Indiana Department of Health has eased quarantine recommendation for schools with universal mask requirements