Chronic Absenteeism

Estudios indican que los estudiantes que faltan mucho a la escuela tienen mayor probabilidad de reprobar sus clases o salirse de la escuela.

In Colorado almost a third of students are chronically absent from school.

The city’s population of homeless students was astronomical even before the recent influx, exceeding 100,000 for each of the past eight years.

The event was invitation-only, and a video will be available at a later date.

Newly released state data shows chronic absenteeism is higher than before the pandemic.

Amid efforts to tackle challenges students face, one administrator says her message remains: ‘You’ve got to come to school.’

Despite a modest improvement, chronic absenteeism rates are still significantly higher than before the pandemic.

The year begins with big questions about how Detroit will manage its enrollment challenges and protect students from the impact of budget cuts. 

Proposal would let school officials request a transfer to a neighborhood school if family outreach efforts don’t work.

The organizations will add an additional $1.8 million to the initial Ballmer Group donation of $2.76 million

Educators at the Harbor School are working hard to turn summer school into something students can feel proud of and look forward to.

Now district officials are considering punitive policies against severe absenteeism, such as making students repeat a grade.

A proposed pilot project by the Denver City Council would provide a staffer and mobile resources to 6 high schools and 2 middle schools.