Chronic Absenteeism

The rates at which kids missed lots of schools rose during the pandemic and have stayed high, affecting schools’ key goals like learning recovery.

Absenteeism rates are higher for certain student groups based on race, gender identity, disability, and English language skills

The staffers play a critical role on the front lines of two colliding crises: the exploding number of students living in homeless shelters, and elevated rates of chronic absenteeism in the wake of the pandemic.

Students in Washington, D.C. were less likely to miss school on days they had a scheduled tutoring session. Researchers think the relationship kids build with tutors has a lot to do with that.

The president’s pitch to continue some pandemic-era programs and increase financial aid faces a hostile Congress.

The Biden administration highlighted tutoring in Chicago and efforts to combat chronic absenteeism in Detroit as officials urged schools to do more to raise student achievement.

What did school communities face in 2023? Waning COVID relief funding, rising chronic absenteeism, and ChatGPT controversy, just to name a few.

A coalition called Every School Day Counts has been at it since 2012.

In Colorado almost a third of students are chronically absent from school.

Estudios indican que los estudiantes que faltan mucho a la escuela tienen mayor probabilidad de reprobar sus clases o salirse de la escuela.

The city’s population of homeless students was astronomical even before the recent influx, exceeding 100,000 for each of the past eight years.

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Newly released state data shows chronic absenteeism is higher than before the pandemic.

Amid efforts to tackle challenges students face, one administrator says her message remains: ‘You’ve got to come to school.’