Families of transgender youth are moving to Illinois, where state law protects gender-affirming medical care and encourages inclusive school policies.
At least one district is going beyond the law by requiring parental permission to use students’ new names.
Growing up, masculinity meant denying vulnerability. There’s a better way.
Beginning last fall, city officials began allowing families to select the “X” designation on official school records in lieu of “female” or “male.”
The first Indiana school districts head back to school this week amid a spate of new laws and policies that will affect what happens in the classroom.
The filmmakers and the students didn’t want to focus solely on how LGBTQ+ youth are marginalized or oppressed. They also wanted to focus on joy.
As laws targeting LGBTQ students proliferate across the U.S., school staffers who oppose the measures must decide: Do they obey the new rules or resist?
The new document updates guidance from 2015, providing information about newer state laws barring student discrimination based on gender identity.
Backers of the law say it will help protect children from pornography and gives the public more power to ensure school districts are acting appropriately.
See which notable education bills passed and which didn’t during Indiana’s legislative session.
Research suggests that implicit biases may contribute to racial disparities in education, but it’s less clear whether training employees makes a difference.
Democrats are starting to push back against Republicans’ “parents’ rights” message, but it’s unclear whether the counterattack will work or last.
Board members acknowledged the larger issue would likely be settled by the Supreme Court, with implications for the separation of church and state.
The updated version of the proposal says parents only need to be notified, but don’t need to approve of student name and pronoun changes.
The proposal would not allow K-12 schools to establish across-the-board bans.
New features this summer include an effort to pair LGBTQ youth with affirming jobs and a small program to serve undocumented youth.
In high school, I’ve been ridiculed and misgendered by some, and celebrated and cared for by others.
“All Boys Aren’t Blue” might have brought my brother comfort, Jennifer Boulanger writes.
Schools would have to inform parents if a student requests to change their name or pronouns for any reason under the bill.
Details are so far scarce on what “SYEP Pride” will look like, or what will define a safe and affirming workplace, but officials are hoping to reach “a few hundred” youth.
The changed version of the “don’t say gay” bill also now requires parent consent for pronoun changes.
A Colorado Education Association member survey found teachers are worried about mass shootings and political interference. Staffing shortages feel worse than ever.
The Indiana bills are similar to a Florida law referred to as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill.
Lawmakers don’t seem interested in revisiting last year’s battle over what students should learn about race and racism.
Schools in districts that endured book challenges in the 2021-22 year were less likely to have a title from a list of recently published LGBTQ books, according to the study.
These stories will take you inside the world of an exhausted social worker, a student working to come out of her shell, and a mother trying to help her son catch up.
Colorado is moving in the opposite direction of states under Republican control that are limiting how teachers can talk about race, gender, and sexuality.
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