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Chalkbeat Dedicated Emails

A dedicated email is a powerful direct-to-inbox sponsorship opportunity where the entire contents of the email are devoted to your company or organization.

Screenshot of a dedicated email from sponsor Duolingo.

A dedicated email gives your organization maximum connection with Chalkbeat’s newsletter subscribers

Chalkbeat sends the email to our readership, so it is coming from a trusted source and our readers are likely to open and read the email. In other words, we help you get noticed in our readers’ inboxes.


We can accept html or a Google Doc.

  • Up to 250 words
  • Your logo (300–600px wide)
  • Up to two images
  • Up to three different URLs for linking (though we recommend all links go to the same URL because most readers are likely to click on link).
  • Subject line and preview text
  • A list of seed emails for testing/sending

We need your creative at least one week before launch.

List segmenting

We can send to specific bureaus (e.g. Philadelphia and New York) or all of our subscribers.


This premium offering is available on sponsor packages with a minimum investment of $10,000.