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We have bureaus in the following communities: Chicago, Colorado, Detroit, Indiana, New York, Newark, Philadelphia, Tennessee. Plus, a national desk that reports on nation-wide trends and policies.

Media kit - spending decision makers

Nearly half of our readers make spending decisions at their organizations, schools and districts.

These district leaders control budgets that total more than $25 billion. And that's not including state funding or the budgets of our nonprofit leaders.

Our readers' primary roles

Chalkbeat's readers are professionals, insiders, and equity-minded citizens who live at the center of the education conversation. If you're looking to advertise graduate schools of education enrollment, edtech tools, teacher professional development opportunities, student programming, classroom resources, or reading materials, we can certainly help.

Anecdotally, we have found that our target audience — school leaders, principals and DOE decision-makers — are reading Chalkbeat as a source of news, so it makes sense to advertise with them.— Julie Benns, NYC Outward Bound Schools

Did you know?

Did you know

  • Teachers have a role in most classroom purchases and half of school purchases
  • 83% of teachers expect to spend the same amount or more out of pocket as last year
  • 68% of teachers often or always seek discounts

Source: MDR Education, 2022

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Our reader engagement

71% of readers

say our newsletters are extremely or very valuable.

For 35% of readers,

Chalkbeat is the only education newsletter they read

Our readers' income

73% of our readers

have an annual income of $75,000 or more.

17% of our readers

have an income of $200,000 or more

Our readers' influence

88% of Chalkbeat readers say: “Friends and colleagues often ask my opinions about education news and current affairs.”
71% of Chalkbeat readers say, “I am often the first person in my professional circle to know about developments in education news and current events.”
94% of principals and administrators said they had “Discussed something [they] read in Chalkbeat with teachers or other administrators in the last month.”

Some of our sponsors

Our readers' organizations

  • K- 12 schools
  • Employment
  • Career consulting services
  • Professional development
  • Online learning
  • Remote learning solutions

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