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Chalkbeat Event Sponsorship

Chalkbeat hosts a variety of events throughout the year, focusing on education.

Past events include “How to help students succeed in college during a pandemic” (Newark) and “What Detroit students want you to know about race in America.”

As an event sponsor, your logo will appear on emails before and after the event, during the event itself, and on the invitation, plus other custom components depending on the event format and your goals.

Specs: We need your logo, in color, at least 600 pixels wide, and your organization’s url.

A screenshot of a Zoom room with Caroline Bauman of Chalkbeat and 6 student participants.

Student round table event with the Education Trust in Tennessee. September 10, 2020. | Chalkbeat

Did you know 70% of consumers want to know what brands are doing to address social and environmental issues? (Reference)

Events are an excellent way to connect with a smaller, more targeted audience on a more personal level. Your sponsorship will help create a favorable association for your organization with Chalkbeat readers. It’s an opportunity to show your organization’s investment in the community and commitment to civic engagement.