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Chalkbeat’s Media Kit for Sponsors

Find everything you need to share your message with Chalkbeat — and support our critical mission at the same time

Chalkbeat is the country’s fastest growing destination for education news.

Influential educators, administrators, decision-makers, and parents across the United States read Chalkbeat every day.

If your organization wants to reach our audience, we can partner to put together a powerful and impactful sponsorship plan that will deliver you results — and your investment directly supports our work which gets independently reported, fact-based news in the hands of citizens across the country (at no cost to them).

Our sponsorship packages range from $1,000 to $30,000 per month and can reach one or all of our local bureaus. We design custom packages for each partner based on goals, timing, and budget.

Please navigate the links below to learn more about our offerings.

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