In a rare action, the state Board of Education passed a resolution questioning whether the 2021 law targets the right age group.

The measure would widen reading test criteria for retention but keep the state in control of those decisions.

House Education Committee Chairman Mark White wants the state to consider more than TCAP test results

Holding back third graders who aren’t deemed proficient remains a sticking point

Teachers’ personal libraries were not the law’s intent, says lawmaker

Summer camps and tutoring are popular, but holding students back because of a test score is not

The researcher behind Tennessee’s pre-K study wants to rethink public preschool. Others say not so fast.

Education is expected to be front and center again — with K-12 funding reform at the top of the list

The investment is part of an ongoing effort to improve early childhood education in Shelby County

Families who received free or reduced lunch last school year or who apply for the National School Lunch Program through Saturday are eligible for the payment.

Tennessee K-12 teachers and child care employees statewide can schedule appointments beginning Monday to get their vaccinations against the coronavirus.

Gov. Bill Lee’s proposal to take a more aggressive stance holding back Tennessee third-graders who are struggling to read is drawing criticism from educators and parents who question his logic and timing.

Gov. Bill Lee is expected to unveil proposals this week to create or expand summer school options and after-school tutoring programs as Tennessee seeks to catch up students from learning disruptions caused by the pandemic.

Gov. Bill Lee’s administration plans to invest $100 million of one-time federal funds in phonics-based reading programs in a sweeping attack on low student literacy rates that have bedeviled the state for decades.

Tennessee has moved teachers and child care staff up on the priority list for receiving a coronavirus vaccine in hopes of getting and keeping students in classrooms during the pandemic.