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A new community: Join ‘After the Bell: Teacher Advice’ on Facebook

Your spot for seeking advice from other teachers, sharing ideas or frustrations, and celebrating the joys of teaching.

A photo illustration featuring two teachers, left, holding up papers and engaged in conversation, on the right there is a pattern of quote bubbles in teal and white. In the middle, text reads: Chalkbeat After the Bell: Teacher Advice.

Join Chalkbeat and other teachers on Facebook for “After the Bell: Teacher Advice.” We hope it becomes a spot for you to share with the teaching community.

Source: SolStock / Getty | Photo Illustration: Lauren Bryant / Chalkbeat

A weekly advice column for K-12 teachers to share their joys, frustrations, and ongoing questions about teaching.

Teaching is always tough. Teaching during the pandemic has been even tougher. 

But, with our new Facebook group, “After the Bell: Teacher Advice,” you don’t have to face it alone. 

This summer, we launched our new teacher-focused advice column, “After the Bell,” as a gathering spot for busy, overworked teachers. Each week, veteran educator Dr. Kem Smith offers advice about teaching based on her own experience in the classroom. 

We know “After the Bell” can be more than a column; it can be a community. 

Our new group aims to provide a refuge for busy teachers looking for ongoing advice and support.

As we head into the new school year, we want to ensure you have the resources you need to take care of your students and yourselves. That’s why we have created a new Facebook group, “After the Bell: Teacher Advice,” specifically for “After the Bell” readers. 

This group is a place to share your teaching joys, frustrations, wins, challenges, questions, and everything in between. It is a space for teacher conversations.

During our research on current teacher needs, we found that teachers are more likely to trust advice they receive from each other. Teachers get it. They understand the universal challenges faced by fellow educators and know the best ways to support each other. 

We hope “After the Bell: Teacher Advice” can be a place for that understanding and support to shine. A place to continue the “After the Bell” conversation, ask and give each other advice, celebrate your teaching wins, and share your classroom experiences. See you there! 

Kary Perez is Chalkbeat director of program innovation and oversees the research, development, and execution of major new initiatives. Contact her at kperez@chalkbeat.org.

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