District management

The board picked Gionni Thompson, a longtime administrator who’s worked in other Colorado schools.

The ruling also changed how courts decide if local governments can sue the state.

Colorado State Board members received an update on low performing schools Wednesday. 

The district must still follow a second State Board order to have a partial manager help with school improvement efforts.

Adams 14 moved out of turnaround to earn a priority improvement rating, same rating as in 2019.

Michael Giles started his new role in July and is still getting to know the district.

The Aurora school board is scheduled to meet in closed session to discuss a discrimination complaint brought by former Superintendent Rico Munn. Two investigations reached different conclusions.

Los miembros de la comunidad dicen que el próximo líder de Sheridan tiene que escuchar a los padres, y también ponerle fin al éxodo de maestros.

Charter School Institute approval came while the Adams 14 district is still challenging the state’s removal of its exclusive chartering authority.

Superintendent Alex Marrero had asked the board to make a decision before he finalizes a new school safety plan.

Greg Cazzell has worked 8 years as Aurora Public Schools security chief and 22 years on the Glendale police force.

Next school year, the Harrison school district will have 42 Filipino teachers on staff. 

“Beacon Zone students and families ... will face a degraded school experience next year without the support of the Beacon Zone.”

The next district leader will face a divided board while trying to meet the needs of one of the state’s most diverse communities, and raising their academic achievement.

“Clear communication with answers at meetings is going to be vital and imperative,” board member Carrie Olson said.

The study looked at schools in Greeley that have sustained their improvements.

The new, expanded Colorado State Board of Education voted 5-3.

Los líderes de Adams 14 están luchando contra la intervención del estado. Al mismo tiempo, dicen que están trabajando para mejorar la educación.

The new contract gives Superintendent Karla Loría a raise reflecting new duties since the district terminated a contract with an external manager.

The plans laid out by Adams 14 leaders include community schools, career academies, and more help for English learners and their teachers.