How schools seek to overcome pandemic-related mental health challenges and the broad impact of long-standing inequities.

Clarksville-Montgomery County Schools is the state’s first to take Facebook, TikTok, and others to court.
Teachers and parents raised concerns about the DESSA, a social-emotional learning tool that schools began using last year.
Emerging data suggests school districts such as Chicago are making headway. But experts say this is only the start of an undertaking that will likely take years.
The district will pay some students to attend an orientation program for freshmen and launch a hotline for families exploring options in June.
When Mrs. D first told me she wanted to meet with my daughter, I was filled with wrongheaded ideas about what a school social worker does.
There’s a growing consensus that schools should schedule intensive tutoring during the school day and lean on computer programs to reach more students.
“It’s a huge, complex system, and it’d be naive to think one piece of legislation is going to fix everything,” one state official said.
A single facility school serves all of Colorado’s Western Slope, while rural schools struggle to hire skilled staff. Some children have to cross mountain ranges to get an education.
We’re preparing young people for the past, and students feel the disconnect.
What happens when public schools can’t or won’t meet kids’ needs — and the wait for a specialized school is weeks or months?
The additional support could help the beleaguered facility school system grow by 40% statewide.
“The regret I have right now is that he’s not here for me to tell him that,” Mason said of student Austin Lyle, who took his own life after shooting Mason and another dean.
Minnequa Elementary School’s progress comes as many schools are trying to reverse pandemic-era drops in math achievement.
Schools are straining to keep up with counseling demand as mental health woes mount for young people. If your child needs help at school, here’s how to start.
Cada vez más niños están en duelo por la pérdida de uno de sus padres, pero pocos programas de apoyo existen.
Denver district would retrain all employees in safety procedures and will focus on mental health and equity, its draft safety plan proposes.
The district says resources to help those students — from free transportation to rental assistance — are nearly maxed out.
Turnout for school events has been sparse, but a student concert packed our gym.
Rebecka Peterson knows math can be intimidating. Here’s how the award-winning teacher opens up and helps students feel like “math people.”
“We are a welcoming environment,” a top Denver administrator said this week. “We really want students to be in their school environment.”
Proposed law would clarify the burden of proof, require training for expulsion officers, and give families two days to review evidence.
Online math app Zearn is intended to help Colorado students whose learning lagged during the pandemic.
“They can go on to college or a career and really handle anything that life throws at them.”
If you are an educator or parent looking for information on how to talk to students following community trauma, we have resources for you.
The district has fielded concerns about Skyline’s online platform and profusion of materials.
The role of parent coordinator became more critical and stressful during the pandemic. But salaries for the job, which New York City schools created 20 years ago, have not kept pace.
“It makes sense that communities are really struggling following incidents like this — they are traumatic and scary,” said one advocate from a nonprofit that has called for the removal of police.
Chicago schools’ budget strategy is to lobby for more state dollars, officials said.
Train paraprofessionals and parents, carve out class time, and be wary of virtual programs.
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