How schools seek to overcome pandemic-related mental health challenges and the broad impact of long-standing inequities.

The role of parent coordinator became more critical and stressful during the pandemic. But salaries for the job, which New York City schools created 20 years ago, have not kept pace.
“It makes sense that communities are really struggling following incidents like this — they are traumatic and scary,” said one advocate from a nonprofit that has called for the removal of police.
Chicago schools’ budget strategy is to lobby for more state dollars, officials said.
Train paraprofessionals and parents, carve out class time, and be wary of virtual programs.
On three Wednesdays in a row, hoax swatting threats kept these Aspen students in their classrooms. On the fourth Wednesday, teachers called a ski day.
The growing crisis has been clear for years to Tina Puccio, who runs the member assistance program at the United Federation of Teachers, which provides short-term counseling to educators.
Cherry Creek schools is funding a pilot program with nonprofit Judi’s House to create the curriculum.
Colorado lawmakers hope after-school tutoring can reach 50,000 students. They’re also calling for better teacher training and resources to help parents help their kids.
“The temperature has come down a little bit. But even if the outbursts aren’t quite as big as they were last year, they’re still there.”
The district is counting on an after-school program expansion, earlier interventions and other measures.
The needs are high as data shows worsening mental health among young people, including more students reporting thoughts of suicide.
The bill currently awaiting a hearing in the state assembly would grant school psychologists licenses to offer a limited range of education-related services outside school.
States like Colorado where kindergarten is voluntary account for a larger share of children missing from the data, a new analysis finds.
Many students moved or started homeschooling during the pandemic, but others might not have gone to school.
Students could have fallen off school rosters for being homeschooled without registering with the state or skipping kindergarten. Others might have disengaged during remote learning or amid mental health struggles.
My school’s attempt to keep students safe has changed our school culture in unfortunate ways.
El estado y algunos distritos escolares han puesto en marcha programas para facilitar que los estudiantes busquen terapia para sus problemas de salud mental.
Chalkbeat wants to hear from you. How has your relationship with your school community changed since the roller coaster ride of campus closures and openings?
Aurora and Cherry Creek are two districts that offer free therapy sessions to students.
Data obtained by Chalkbeat suggests that the temporary policy change — first canceling the English Regents and then not requiring a passing score to graduate — made it easier for English language learners to earn their diplomas.
As more schools focus on student mental health, Chalkbeat examines how these roles are designed to help.
Some New York City educators are seeing an uptick in student marijuana use that is spilling into the school day, and it’s starting at a younger age. Schools are scrambling to respond, especially when mental health issues are connected.
Chalkbeat’s data team looks back at an eventful 12 months covering education across America.
The bigger objective of improving pre-K: Containing the pandemic’s long-term impact on children and their education in Tennessee’s largest school district.
COVID restrictions are mostly gone, but apathy and anxiety have taken their place.
School social worker Mary Difino wears many hats to meet persistent behavioral concerns and support students’ needs as Chicago recovers from COVID-related disruptions.
The University of Northern Colorado believes person-to-person connections are crucial.
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