Mental Health in Schools

Clarksville-Montgomery County Schools is the state’s first to take Facebook, TikTok, and others to court.
Teachers and parents raised concerns about the DESSA, a social-emotional learning tool that schools began using last year.
THE CITY and Chalkbeat hosted a session at Brooklyn’s Central Library about how to get appropriate mental health support for kids in NYC public schools.
When Mrs. D first told me she wanted to meet with my daughter, I was filled with wrongheaded ideas about what a school social worker does.
“It’s a huge, complex system, and it’d be naive to think one piece of legislation is going to fix everything,” one state official said.
A single facility school serves all of Colorado’s Western Slope, while rural schools struggle to hire skilled staff. Some children have to cross mountain ranges to get an education.
We’re preparing young people for the past, and students feel the disconnect.
The school aid budgets from both chambers would invest more heavily in helping students get back on track academically and mentally.
Despite a pledge to stop relying on police to deal with students who have mental health episodes, New York City schools have continued to call 911 on kids in distress thousands of times a year, an investigation by THE CITY and ProPublica found.
Schools are straining to keep up with counseling demand as mental health woes mount for young people. If your child needs help at school, here’s how to start.
The state has identified more than 200 school districts as lacking in mental health professionals and where more than 20% of the students receive free or reduced-cost lunches.
Join Chalkbeat and THE CITY’s Open Newsroom on Thursday, May 11, at 6 p.m. at the Brooklyn Public Library’s Central Library for a conversation about school-based mental health support for kids.
While some educators and parents have been skeptical of the virtual setup, many have since been won over.
Proposed law would clarify the burden of proof, require training for expulsion officers, and give families two days to review evidence.
“They can go on to college or a career and really handle anything that life throws at them.”
If you are an educator or parent looking for information on how to talk to students following community trauma, we have resources for you.
Administrators said they were working to address inequities in their staffing model, though students and teachers feared the restructure would have the opposite effect.
Back-to-back shootings, one a block from my Illinois house and another at a Tennessee elementary school, have me wondering how to support future teachers.
A rally at the Capitol: ‘We don’t need a day to mourn. We need a day of action,’ protester says.
Legislation would require principals, librarians, and other school staffers to get training.
The number of children under 18 who killed someone with a firearm jumped from 836 in 2019 to 1,150 in 2020.
The growing crisis has been clear for years to Tina Puccio, who runs the member assistance program at the United Federation of Teachers, which provides short-term counseling to educators.
The needs are high as data shows worsening mental health among young people, including more students reporting thoughts of suicide.
Writers from youth group Local Circles who surveyed their peers share some sobering stories and messages of hope.
A new report from Gov. J.B Pritzker’s Children’s Behavioral Transformation Initiative makes 12 recommendations for how the state can support families and children in need of mental health services.
With the majority of the school year now over, school districts haven’t been able to apply for the grant money due to a lengthy bureaucratic process.
The bill currently awaiting a hearing in the state assembly would grant school psychologists licenses to offer a limited range of education-related services outside school.
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