NAEP 2022

What is NAEP? Who takes the NAEP test? Here’s the latest news about the National Assessment of Educational Progress, also known as The Nation’s Report Card.

NAEP scores show Michigan’s longstanding gap between low-income students and affluent peers widened considerably
Philadelphia’s NAEP scores have long been below national averages and remained so in 2022.
NAEP results show a drop in scores not just in Indiana but across the country.
The NAEP math decline represented Colorado students’ lowest scores in nearly two decades on the test known as the nation’s report card.
New Jersey fourth and eighth grade scores dropped on NAEP math and reading tests. The scores offer a comprehensive look at how students in the Garden State are doing after the pandemic.
Math scores declined sharply nationwide on the first National Assessment of Educational Progress, or NAEP, given since the pandemic, and Detroit was no exception.
Chicago officials voice concerns about slipping NAEP results on the “nation’s report card,” but also highlight bright spots.
Nine-year-olds across the country saw historic drops in math and reading scores on a key national test.
Some researchers say it’s likely. Federal NAEP scores have been stagnant for high schoolers, but that could be due to falling dropout rates.
Grade inflation is one potential explanation. Meanwhile, American students are also taking more advanced classes.

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