Remote learning

The city’s new virtual high school program could serve 200 ninth graders this coming school year.
Chronic absenteeism and academic failure have prompted the Detroit school district to tighten enrollment standards for the coming school year.
At least half of the nation’s 20 largest school districts will offer more full-time virtual schooling this fall than they did before the pandemic.
As Indiana limits virtual learning, some districts will adjust how they handle school on snow days and on teacher training days.
‘I believe that virtual learning is here to stay whether or not we have a pandemic’ schools Chancellor David Banks says.
The pandemic helped drive the state’s decision to scrap the requirement, and follows reforms in recent years to teacher certification in New York.
Our newsroom has worked with several dedicated photographers to document these times. These journalists have given us a bird’s eye view of what we otherwise couldn’t see — the lived experiences of school communities that we cover.
As the Detroit Public Schools Community District has committed to improving the program, families are finding that being enrolled in the district’s virtual school is not easy.
A House panel voted 5-4 to defeat a bill that critics said aimed to correct a voucher law overturned by judges.
Springfield School District 186 and Joliet Public Schools 86 were among schools to cancel classes, while Chicago Public Schools said it would be open.
Detroit Superintendent Nikolai Vitti informed parents last week that the district had used all six of its forgiven days this school year for health and safety reasons.
Tennessee law prevents district leaders from switching to remote learning without approval from state education officials, causing desperation and disruption for school officials and families.
The proposal would target districts that don’t offer 180 days of annual in-person instruction beginning Sept. 1, 2022
Colorado student enrollment is slightly up, but still not recovered to pre-pandemic levels.
After shifting nearly half of its schools to remote this week, the Philadelphia school district announced that 15 schools would be virtual after Martin Luther King Jr. Day.
The chancellor’s comments come just a day after the mayor said creating a remote option likely wasn’t possible this year.
The return to in-person learning for the Detroit school district will require mandatory employee testing.
Some teachers are teaching online and in person. Others are missing most of their students. A surge in COVID cases has made the return after winter break difficult.
As of Monday, 14% of students and teachers and 29% of school support staff currently have COVID or had been exposed to the virus, the district said
Michigan’s schools have a lot to deal with in 2022, the biggest of which is whether the pandemic will continue to affect in-person instruction.
Sunday’s announcement comes amid skyrocketing COVID cases and hospitalizations. Nearly 30,000 residents were diagnosed over the past two weeks, and the city is seeing an average of 3,108 cases a day, according to the health department.
Chalkbeat obtained COVID vaccination rates of Chicago students by school. The findings illustrate vast disparities in vaccination rates within the city.
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