School safety

The shooter, 28, was armed with rifles and was killed by police.
The bills would make it easier for schools to remove disruptive students.
The mayor has a significant impact on crime, the economy, and housing in Indianapolis — all of which affect the educators and students who go to school here. Here’s how the candidates plan to tackle these issues, and more.
Healthy Kids Colorado survey finds that a quarter of youth say they could get access to a loaded gun within 24 hours. Most teen gun deaths are suicides.
La decisión se produjo un día después del tiroteo contra dos administradores en la Denver East High School.
The board decision comes after Superintendent Alex Marrero’s pledge to return police to campus. The shooting of two East High administrators shifted the debate on police in Denver schools.
“It makes sense that communities are really struggling following incidents like this — they are traumatic and scary,” said one advocate from a nonprofit that has called for the removal of police.
Superintendent Alex Marrero said a day off from school would give students and staff time to process events.
Parents and students say they are numb and frustrated after the shooting of two deans at East High School. It was the third shooting this school year at or near Denver’s largest high school.
“I can no longer stand on the sidelines,” Marrero wrote in a letter to the school board, which banned police from schools in 2020.
A push to remove police from Chicago schools intensified after the murder of George Floyd in 2020.
Los panelistas en un foro de prevención de la violencia en la secundaria East High sugirieron que hubiese más servicios de salud mental para los estudiantes junto con leyes más estrictas de control de armas.
Students and staff returned March 15, but tile repairs continue in the hallways.
On three Wednesdays in a row, hoax swatting threats kept these Aspen students in their classrooms. On the fourth Wednesday, teachers called a ski day.
During a high school visit, Gov. Josh Shapiro also discussed his plans to hire more teachers and increase education spending in his proposed budget.
Colorado is one of just 10 states that doesn’t require CPR training in high school.
The move is a victory for advocates who have pushed to reduced police presence in schools, but it won mixed reactions from educators and union officials.
Los estudiantes piden a los legisladores que hagan más para restringir el acceso a las armas.
They ask themselves, ‘Would I be able to step in front of a gun for my students?’
“We shouldn’t have to be here,” East Students Demand Action member Gracie Taub told the crowd. “Luis should be here.”
The closure of Building 21 highlights ongoing safety and health problems with the district’s aging schools.
Luis was the second student shot near East High this school year. Students say they’re angry, sad, and tired.
President Biden said federal funds will pay to replace lead pipes in hundreds of thousands of schools and child care centers. In the meantime, many are dealing with high lead levels now.
“This is getting away from an oppressive policing model to a more liberatory relationship-centered model among students and adults who happen to be police officers.”
Concerns about school safety and possible shootings prompted the decision to lock school doors. Whether the policy will be effective remains a big question mark.
Schools Chancellor David Banks has been raising the alarm about the recent spate of killings and shootings involving young people, calling it a “state of emergency” that requires more intervention.
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