Student & School Performance

New York state officials gave districts the green light to release test results in reading and math — but statewide figures won’t be released until later.
The Arts Academy at Benjamin Rush High School is one of 10 Pennsylvania schools to get the honor this year.
It was the first time since 2005 that no public school run by NYC’s education department received the honor.
Two Colorado schools earned a National Blue Ribbon award for closing academic gaps between all students and historically underserved groups. Two more won the honor for academic excellence.
The lack of communication about the new plan has sowed confusion and concern among staff and preschool providers.
Families across the five boroughs are already mounting letter-writing campaigns and petitions for and against schools that use screens for admissions.
Students who struggled before the pandemic are having the toughest time catching up.
These are Colorado’s first school ratings based on complete test results since 2019.
A judge found that Adams 14 doesn’t have the authority to challenge the State Board’s directed action for reorganization.
Strickland argues that parents and families have ‘allowed’ thousands of teens to skip or drop out of school
Staffers will be moved “to more effectively support schools in coordination with district superintendents,” the department says.
Results provide some of the strongest evidence yet of the academic fallout from the pandemic
Students who are Black or from low-income families scored much lower than peers on third-grade test
Nine-year-olds across the country saw historic drops in math and reading scores on a key national test.
Research suggests money matters for schools. But experts aren’t sure how to explain test scores in the country’s highest spending state.
Despite facing familiar challenges — declining enrollment, academic gaps — Denver’s Castro Elementary posted high growth scores on state tests.
The federal dollars turned out to be a radical experiment in funding schools based on student need. But it’s coming to an end.
Schwinn cites uneven participation rates of students taking state TCAP tests
A decade after Illinois took over North Chicago School District 187, the state board of education says it is looking into transitioning the district to an elected school board. The question still remains when it will happen.
In one example from two days of court testimony, Adams 14 described sponsors backing out for 16 international teachers who could have served the community’s Spanish-speaking students.
While Denver’s white students score near the top in Colorado, its Black and Hispanic students score near the median, resulting in yawning gaps.
The state’s Tuition Assistance Program now includes students who previously didn’t qualify because they weren’t taking enough credit hours.
In an interview with Chalkbeat, Antonio Burt reflects on his tenure so far and his vision for this year and beyond
Up to $60 million is for the state Department of Education to increase the number of instructional coaches who specialize in phonics-based literacy in elementary schools.
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