The fight to rebuild school communities after years of pandemic-era uncertainty.

Turnout for school events has been sparse, but a student concert packed our gym.
The debate over whether to ease up on academic expectations or double down is flaring up across the country.
Spending accelerated this fall as planned projects started in U.S. school districts.
District seeks to recover lost ground in achievement, attendance and enrollment
Recent graduates now in college say focusing on mental health and support from outside groups can be helpful.
The district has spent about $156.6 million so far on payments to more than 1,000 outside vendors.
Student enrollment has big implications for public schools, and declines can lead to less funding and school closures or mergers.
Educators say TRAILS program will help students recover from pandemic-related disruptions.
Many principals say it will be very difficult to fill key support staff roles this fall, a new federal survey found.
The district calculates an on-track rate in order to get a sense of students’ ability to graduate before they reach the critical final years of high school.
The head of the Detroit teachers union said his members are fine with the lifting of the mandate, for now
Their tour is spotlighting learning programs funded through federal COVID relief measures
American students are slowly starting to regain academic ground lost during the pandemic. They’re still far behind.
Nearly 17% of Memphis students in grades 3-12 performed at or above grade-level expectations in math and English
Many principals reported an uptick in school violence and disruption on a new federal survey, though a sizable portion saw no change from pre-pandemic years.
Virtual tutoring companies want to become a more permanent fixture in schools. Their impact so far is unclear.
New York City’s Class of 2022 returned to school full time after two disrupted years. Four graduating high school seniors told us about how they made it through.
Even schools that prided themselves on using restorative justice to address students’ needs struggled to pick up where they left off before the pandemic.
Districts have once again beefed up their summer programming, from credit recovery to camps focused on robotics and sports.
At the end of a third pandemic school year, teachers are beyond exhausted.
Chicago’s graduating seniors were in their sophomore year of high school when schools shuttered in 2020. They reflect here on their experiences of going to school during the COVID era.
Chicago officials said the district provided results to schools early to help plan instruction, but they are still preliminary.
Summer Connections is like a super-sized version of Denver Public Schools’ usual summer programming, paid for with federal COVID relief funds.
Scores rise across all subjects and grades, largely returning to pre-COVID levels, but disparities persist
Two Richards Career Academy cousins Chalkbeat Chicago followed through the school year graduate — and reflect on how the pandemic reshaped their post-high school plans.
Twelve Memphians are competing for seats on the school board representing districts 1, 6, 8, and 9. What questions do you have for them?
Education Secretary Miguel Cardona called for raising teacher pay in a speech Thursday.
At an event hosted by Chalkbeat and College Track, many said schools weren’t able to give students needed support.
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