Curriculum and instruction

Students returned to the city’s nearly 1,600 schools on a sweltering Thursday as a possible bus strike loomed.
Good reading requires more than phonics. It also requires comprehension skills, including background knowledge — an issue that has gotten relatively little attention.
The issues include the city’s precarious funding situation, enrollment shifts, and what support will look like for migrant students.
Challenge to classroom censorship will continue, while fight against the state’s ban on payroll dues collection ends.
High school superintendents are urging schools in their districts to adopt a standardized English language arts curriculum.
The tutoring program will exclusively work with K-8 students at eight schools next year.
Math teachers will use the materials in the upcoming school year as part of what Superintendent Tony Watlington called an “historic investment.”
As parents, what questions should you be asking about tutoring and whether your student can benefit? Here are some tips and insights from experts.
The policy gave 1 in 3 NYC high-schoolers placeholder grades if they didn’t complete their work, allowing some to move on more easily.
District officials are eager to spend the money to hire more academic interventionists, but a task force will also seek community input
The law is a big change for families used to paying hundreds of dollars per student for textbooks each year.
Design Works High School students will spend their freshman year studying how housing and environmental issues affect their community.
‘We definitely have noticed that a silencing is happening in our schools,’ said one student.
Nearly half of NYC’s school districts are mandating their elementary schools use a single reading program come September.
Board members approved millions in spending on technology, summer programming, and curriculum. They also denied a charter school application.
Indiana has joined several other states in passing laws that require schools to use curriculum materials that stress phonics when teaching students to read. The state is putting over $100 million behind the effort.
With just a month until the school year ends, families are scrambling to find alternate summer programs for their children.
Illinois legislators passed a bill on Friday that will require the State Board of Education to create a literacy plan for public schools to ensure that schools are teaching evidence-based reading.
Pioneer of school desegregation says resolving racial differences requires telling the truth about history — ‘good, bad, or ugly.’
Balanced literacy and word guessing are out. Phonics, science, and social studies are in.
In the next two years, all NYC elementary schools will be required to overhaul literacy instruction.
Minnequa Elementary School’s progress comes as many schools are trying to reverse pandemic-era drops in math achievement.
DPSCD students would need teacher permission to use tools such as ChatGPT for class assignments under revised policy
One bill moving quickly in Illinois’ general assembly would require state education officials to develop a statewide literacy plan aimed at improving reading instruction.
The SUNY school on Long Island will lead a partnership of academic institutions, nonprofits, and community groups to come up with climate solutions.
Rebecka Peterson knows math can be intimidating. Here’s how the award-winning teacher opens up and helps students feel like “math people.”
“I do see them as like an artery of the school,” Josie Silver said of libraries.
The new school, known as South Bronx Literacy Academy, is the culmination of years of advocacy from a handful of parent advocates.
It’s not about making white children ‘feel bad.’ It’s about teaching them how to build a better future.
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