Curriculum and instruction

Students who have completed most of their senior coursework can enroll this spring to learn aircraft mechanics.
Expect no flurry of education bills as the GOP majority’s time runs out
Just 17% of New York City schools were meeting the education department’s Computer Science for All equity goals of reaching girls, Latinos, and Black students, according to a recent report from NYU’s Research Alliance.
Commissioner Laurie Cardoza-Moore says some books should be pulled from shelves statewide
Educators and officials in districts that contracted with Paper say its text-based tutoring service often frustrates the students who need the most help.
The latest findings solidify a developing picture of schools struggling to support students who have fallen off track.
Colorado is moving in the opposite direction of states under Republican control that are limiting how teachers can talk about race, gender, and sexuality.
Education has featured prominently in Arizona, Michigan, and Wisconsin, three battleground states with tight races for governor.
Facing a budget shortfall because of enrollment declines, Soundview Academy’s principal made an unusual request to students, staff and families: Would they help market the school?
Teachers don’t have enough time to teach the long list of current standards, proponents have argued, meaning students miss critical knowledge.
Gone by the wayside are reading programs that encourage children to figure out what a jumble of letters says by looking at the picture or using other clues to guess the word.
Students’ interview with astronaut Koichi Wakata represents a showcase event for Davis Aerospace program.
Educators have reported myriad challenges at the schools, including a shortage of Spanish-speaking staff.
Researchers say it will take years to catch up; individualized instruction accelerates gains
Bogdana Chkoumbova, the district’s chief education officer, spoke about her plan to help students bounce back academically.
The scores are the first measure of how students across the five boroughs have fared in reading and math since the coronavirus pandemic.
Training students to work together, especially under pressure, is at the core of how Billy Green teaches.
Texas classrooms’ lack of any deeper discussion about Islam spurred an eighth grader to action.
Jeffco, Adams 12, Colorado Springs 11, and Greeley-Evans are some of the districts receiving grants.
Laurie Cardoza-Moore’s term extension comes as the commission’s work expands.
Other parents say they trust librarians and teachers to determine what is appropriate for students
Mayor Eric Adams and his schools chief David Banks made no secret of their top priority for the new school year: improving how schools teach children how to read.
Staffers will be moved “to more effectively support schools in coordination with district superintendents,” the department says.
Students who are Black or from low-income families scored much lower than peers on third-grade test
Some balk over state guidance suggesting that they catalog their classroom collections
Students will learn the history of federally run Indian boarding schools that once tried to erase Indigenous culture
‘I’m ready to share our stories,’ says Melissa Collins, the state’s new chief education ambassador
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