Special education

Message to parents: ‘You don’t have to come back and keep asking.’
Officials are considering opening more so-called specialty schools meant to help students with more challenging disabilities transition into the real world.
I have no formal training, but I’m an expert in my child.
The tentative contract agreement comes after tense negotiations and concerns a strike would disrupt the first few weeks of the school year.
The Cherry Creek School District built the new facility in Aurora with $19 million in voter-approved bond funding.
Chicago’s office that manages special education hasn’t had a chief since June. Now the board of education is searching for the next department head and asking the public for its input on who the next chief should be.
Students returned to the city’s nearly 1,600 schools on a sweltering Thursday as a possible bus strike loomed.
A bus worker strike would impact roughly 80,000 students across 4,400 routes, according to the city’s education department.
An attorney for fired principal Kurt Dennis disputes the findings and says he’s preparing to sue Denver Public Schools in federal court.
Blaming a driver shortage, the district decided this year to limit bus transportation to students with disabilities and those experiencing homelessness.
A strike could impact roughly 80,000 students across 4,400 bus routes in the five boroughs, according to city officials.
District officials said 47 students with disabilities have bus rides longer than an hour. It’s a steep decline from last year when more than 3,000 had hour-plus commutes.
Advocacy group says $1.25 billion in new spending would address major gaps that have left many families frustrated.
Navarro completed a year of training through Chicago Public Schools’ Teacher Residency program. Now he teaches as a special education teacher at Finkl Academy, where he previously worked as a paraprofessional.
The Illinois State Board of Education has issued several warnings to Chicago Public Schools to comply with state law governing restraint and timeout. Chicago said that it is in compliance as of Monday.
A lack of oversight has raised questions about whether schools are following Indiana law.
Banks said a strike could affect anywhere between 85,000 and 150,000 students. He’s “hopeful that we can avoid it.”
McAuliffe’s interim principal is on leave as an investigation into the school’s seclusion room continues.
More than 90% of school buses have air conditioning this summer, according to city officials. But advocates warn the heat can be severe inside buses that don’t.
With only half of the 1,300 drivers needed to transport students who require bus service, Chicago said it will instead prioritize transportation for students with disabilities and those experiencing homelessness.
The judge outlined 40 specific actions for the Department of Education to take, including assigning additional staffers to overdue cases.
As the school year ends, mothers of students with disabilities want a better academic year for their kids despite looming concerns about their child’s physical and educational progress.
The public health crisis paused state testing, impacting how the state typically evaluates schools.
Brooklyn’s P.S. 958 has an unusual mission: to serve any child in its surrounding community, including those with disabilities who often land in separate schools.
In a Wednesday letter, the advocates asked the mayor’s office to do an open call for members, increase transparency around the qualifications for selection, and outline the administration’s goals for the composition of the school board.
Chicago Public Schools announced that Stephanie Jones, department head for the district’s special education office, left the district on Friday.
Parents across the state say that even when they are notified, the information they’re given about their child being secluded or restrained can lack details.
The Illinois State Board of Education has given Chicago Public Schools several warnings to comply with state law on restraint and seclusion since November. However, the district has yet to train all staff on restraint policies, stop restraining students who are not a danger to themselves or their peers, and notify parents within 24 hours when a student has been restrained.
Some schools aren’t accurately reporting data about what’s supposed to be a last resort to protect the safety of students and others.
Programs have long struggled to provide all children with the services they need, as they are legally required to do.
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