Special education

But the district is leaving the details to schools, and not all students are getting help.
The vote is unlikely to have an immediate impact on school budgets, but delays in approving a formula could hamper principals’ ability to plan and hire staff.
The goal is more funding for students with costlier needs, but will it be enough?
A Colorado bill seeks to improve school discipline practices and promote a better learning environment. Opponents say it will drown them in paperwork.
The delays could discourage some therapists from signing up for similar programs, complicating future efforts to provide extra help to students with disabilities.
The goal is more supportive schools. Advocates are starting with more data collection, better policies for school resource officers, and a near-ban on handcuffing students.
With the end of the school year approaching, NYC schools have spent just about half of this year’s COVID relief, according to a comptroller report.
Denver Public Schools and the teachers union are collaborating on quantifying the work of specialists like school psychologists to make their jobs more manageable.
HopSkipDrive specializes in rides for children and contracts with school districts. Disability advocates want state safety rules for school transportation to apply.
The state’s voucher program for students with disabilities could double in size.
A Colorado bill would give charter schools more opportunity to teach students with disabilities. But are charters ready for the responsibility?
Biden sought to increase Title I by $20 billion. A new budget deal would increase it by $1 billion.
David Banks noted that the process at some of the city’s coveted “screened” schools is a lottery this year, which has resulted in backlash from parents of students with high grades.
Indiana has earmarked millions of federal dollars to train more special education teachers as a shortage looms.
For students with disabilities, it’s hard to find programs that meet their needs.
Tutoring and enrichment programs require finding staff to work extra hours in a moment when educators feel overworked.
Getting my child the help he needed shouldn’t have been so hard or costly.
Two new reports point to the potential promise of Colorado charter schools and changes that still need to happen for them to function like truly public schools.
Colorado lawmakers gave initial approval to an increase in special education funding that would bring the state close to meeting obligations adopted in 2006.
Educators cite a host of challenges, including staffing shortages, increased paperwork, and a hesitation to designate kids as having learning disabilities.
Los educadores citan una serie de problemas, como escasez de personal, aumento del papeleo y dudas al decidir si un niño tiene discapacidades de aprendizaje.
Advocates say there’s a power imbalance between districts and families in disputes over special education.
The district, under a resolution, would temporarily waive its magnet and selective enrollment transportation policy to meet state requirements for diverse learners and students with temporary housing no later than March 7.
If the new school comes to fruition, it would be the second public school in NYC to focus specifically on students with dyslexia. A charter opened with that mission in 2019.
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