Her departure clears the way for Mayor-elect Eric Adams to select a new schools chief.

The results will be hard to interpret because testing conditions and participation rates were vastly different than normal.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio appears to be dragging his feet again when it comes to making reforms to the city’s starkly segregated gifted and talented programs.

Students also asked schools Chancellor Meisha Porter her views on student vaccinations, and about the presumptive next mayor, Eric Adams.

Union officials say the city has refused to pay teachers who have a legitimate medical or religious reason not to take the shot.

The definition of “office hours” can mean multiple things — answering a student’s questions, individual or small group tutorials, check-ins on assignments, officials said.

Schools Chancellor Meisha Porter wanted the city’s ambitious Summer Rising program to be a bridge to the regular school year.

Some believe the bill’s impact on saving energy could be significant for New York City alone.

Dyslexia screeners, after-school program for students with disabilities, and adding books more reflective of New York City children are among next year’s ‘academic recovery’ plans.

Schools chancellor Meisha Porter informed principals that “all schools should plan to serve all students interested in their site’s program.” NYC principals said it would be challenging to plan for the program’s launch without knowing exactly how many — and which — students to expect.

More than half of the schools whose new contracts start July 1 received a bump in funding that will allow them to expand mental health and academic support for their students, but nearly a third face cuts, and will need to lay off staff and pare down services.

This new guidance will still allow schools and camps to impose stricter rules.

Advocates want an office within the education department to provide support for the nearly 5,900 city students in foster care. 

Voting will be open to any parent or guardian of a child who attends school in a particular district. 

Black and Latino students — who make up almost 70% of the city school system — received 9% of offers for the 2021-22 school year, down from 11% the year before.

Teachers will be looking for signs of “trauma and distress” in students, officials said.

The “Summer Rising” program will combine summer enrichment activities such arts activities and outdoor games, along with academic programs and social emotional supports.

The teens also want to push for more Asian representation in their school’s curriculum.