Outside the classroom

Charter networks, both inside and outside the state, are tracking the legislation.

A consultant for Juvenile Court found that just half of students were attending class, and that the curriculum didn’t keep them on track for graduation.

Some parents headed to the library to keep children engaged. ‘It felt good to just come out and see different people,’ said one mother.

Administrator says there are likely thousands more beyond the district’s current count

Instead of addressing flood-prone schools, the money appears to go into Tennessee’s rainy day fund

2021 Teacher of the Year finalist Adrian Hampton reflects on how he teaches after losing a student to gun violence and facing  grieving students and an eerily empty desk. 

During the last week of Women’s History Month and year-round, educators and parents can celebrate authors, stories, and heroines that illuminate the richness of Tennessee culture.

Public health officials urge parents to get their children up-to-date with shots

A school year already burdened by a pandemic adds another daunting disruption: rebuilding after the storm. And with the number of tornadoes increasing in parts of the country, it’s a disruption that educators are facing more frequently.

With the support of relatives and community members, students gathered at the scene of a recent shooting to organize against the violence strangling their neighborhood and schools. 

The one-year rule for student athletes has kept a lot of students in foster care from being able to play sports. 

A bill aimed at empowering Tennessee teachers to remove chronically disruptive students from their classrooms cleared the legislature Thursday over objections that such exclusionary disciplinary practices ignore deeper problems.

Tension between the legislature and Commissioner Penny Schwinn could hurt her efforts to provide long-neglected social-emotional support to students at a time when it’s needed the most.

Mrs. Trump spoke this week with Gov. Bill Lee about Tennessee’s efforts to address the mental and physical health needs of children and families. Lee’s administration also named members of its COVID-19 Child Wellbeing Task Force.