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Philadelphia schools are slated to get a nearly $232 million increase in basic education funding under the new budget Gov. Josh Shapiro signed Thursday.

The proposed $9.9 billion CPS budget faces several pressures, from union negotiations to the end of federal COVID aid.

Ahmed’s tenure at the Division of Early Childhood Education came at a time of upheaval for the city’s sprawling publicly-funded early childhood system.

There are 47 people running in Chicago’s school board elections on Nov. 5. Here’s an updating list.

A research brief from the Center for Tax and Budget Accountability said Illinois districts could be in a pinch with the state projecting less revenue from a tax on corporate profits.

We want to hear your thoughts on how artificial intelligence-powered tools like ChatGPT are affecting the classroom.

Both officials took on some of the Education Department’s highest-profile challenges in their prior roles.

A new report finds that early elementary school students are having an especially hard time catching up to their pre-pandemic peers in math and reading. Schools may need to provide them with more intensive support.

Earlier this year, NYC officials blamed the upgraded cafeterias for encouraging kids to eat more, and as a result, they cut popular foods from school menus.

But another troubling trend remains: The percentage of K-3 students reading significantly below grade level jumped up and has stayed up.

The new board — which will have 10 elected members and 11 appointed ones before becoming a fully elected board in 2027 — will require a number of adjustments for the district.

The state is looking at how the change in scores will impact school ratings.

Chancellor David Banks has staked his education agenda on changing the curriculums educators use. Few schools are exempt from the new mandates.

Almost three-quarters of the students who didn’t pass the state reading test and were retained in third grade in 2023 got subsidized meals.

College Together helps Philly students take a different path to a college degree

A group of Philadelphia students rallied for lawmakers to prioritize public school funding. Legislators have been wrangling over education aid and vouchers for some time.

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    Union leaders say the new contract sets Detroit apart from other districts, with terms that will attract new teachers and retain existing ones.

    The city’s early childhood education system has taken center stage during budget negotiations between Mayor Eric Adams and City Council this year.

    The teachers will have their rent covered for a year starting in August.

    The city school board has rejected the Global Leadership Academy high school's charter application again, citing academic concerns.

    Through history, art, culture, and conversation, students get the support that queer youth before them didn't have.

    The resolution calls for ‘greater coherence, clarity, and collaboration’ between all public schools.

    Facing budget deficit, Chicago vows to guarantee pay for laid-off workers

    “It became much more about the performative aspects of saying the curriculum is being implemented as opposed to the real support that teachers need,” Weingarten said.

    Mayor Cherelle Parker stressed the pilot won’t significantly change the academic calendar, won’t be mandatory, and won’t disrupt collective bargaining agreements.

    A potential state school budget plan floated by lawmakers Wednesday could mean massive cuts to mental health funding, layoffs, and other cuts.

    The nation’s largest school system is “very much leaning towards” banning cell phones, David Banks said Wednesday.

    Mayor Cherelle Parker's year-round school model is taking shape through Philly's summer programming.

    The plan prioritizes addressing staff shortages in the classroom, but cuts jobs in other areas.

    The new study from the University of Chicago Consortium on School Research comes ahead of a July school board vote to remove police from all schools.

    St. Isidore, a virtual charter school, would teach Catholic doctrine and require attendance at mass. School leaders say they are considering their next legal steps.

    If the city doesn’t allocate additional funding, officials “will have an all out war with parents, teachers, and the Albany legislature,” the teachers union warned.

    The teachers union leader said the tentative agreement with the district is full of “big wins.”

    Memphis schools show gains, but remain well behind statewide figures. See how your district performed.