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David Banks

Mayor Eric Adams announced through social media that New York City schools would go remote on Tuesday. Up to eight inches of snow was expected, he said.

Officials acknowledged their efforts represent a drop in the bucket, but pledged a bigger effort to educate kids with disabilities closer to home.

“We must educate our students, and sometimes our staff, to raise their consciousness and to overcome bias,” Chancellor David Banks said.

Next year, the initiative will expand to three more districts: Harlem’s District 5, District 7 in the South Bronx, and District 29 in southern Queens.

In Lorena Izzo’s entrepreneurship class at the Academy of Finance and Enterprise, her students’ business plans aim to solve problems they see around them.

Schools Chancellor David Banks welcomed the court order this summer, but a new report finds the Education Department has already failed to meet some of the first benchmarks.

The turmoil unfolded on Nov. 20, when hundreds of students filled the halls of the Queens school in protest of a social media photo of a teacher holding an “I Stand With Israel” sign

Debates over political speech for students and staff have flared at educational institutions across the country in the month since Hamas’s Oct. 7. Attack.

The revised training is an effort to get educators to think twice before defaulting to a child welfare report, and give them a set of alternatives to try first.

Late last week, the Education Department began quietly rolling back the requirements for some pending contracts, Chalkbeat has learned.

NYC education officials gave schools little guidance during last week’s flooding. This week, a chance of a quarter to an inch of rain prompted a detailed memo.

City officials ordered schools to shelter in place last Friday, but no one told principals.

The downpour affected service on every subway line, delayed dozens of school buses, and prompted both NYC Mayor Eric Adams and Gov. Kathy Hochul to issue a state of emergency. 

Members of an oversight panel have concerns about the effectiveness of ad campaigns as a public school enrollment strategy.