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Detroit Superintendent Nikolai Vitti hopes to sustain long-term funding for literacy programs supported by the settlement money.

Some school leaders are hoping the money can subsidize vape sensors to install in schools and additional substance abuse counselors.

After hearing from victims’ parents, the board called on lawmakers to beef up emergency operation plans, and for more funding for student mental health measures.

Although position cuts in Memphis have been expected all year, details were sparse until a meeting Tuesday where board members pushed back on how Superintendent Marie Feagins has communicated to staff.

The analysis of the state’s 10 largest school districts focused on how many sources hadn’t been fixed about a year after they were identified as having high lead levels.

Advocates say proposed changes to Michigan’s Great Start Readiness Program would ‘turn back the dial’ on progress.

The proposed actions follow a set of recommendations by the Blue Ribbon Commission and include ending a requirement that students pass state Regents exams to earn a diploma.

Some districts had lower per-pupil funding at high-needs schools despite an increase in at-risk funding, according to the analysis.

That’s according to a new report released as the Denver school board debates a new school closure policy.

Replacement plans remain unclear, as Feagins reorganizes schools based on their state letter grade.

Bills to keep police in some Chicago schools, prevent changes to the city’s selective enrollment schools, and provide stipends for student teachers all failed during the session

The list of schools that would offer the admissions bump hasn’t been finalized. But the campuses under consideration include Millennium, Beacon, Bard Early College and Eleanor Roosevelt High Schools.

For families across New York City, tens of millions of dollars in unused food benefits from the final installment of a pandemic-era program have already begun to expire.

The 2025 IPS Teachers of the Year are Ashley Hogan of Emma Donnan Elementary and Middle School and Linda Thomson of Shortridge High School.

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    Some students questioned the wisdom of testing the city’s remote learning platform during a scheduled day off.

    The state earlier removed a nondiscrimination clause that was at the heart of the lawsuit. The impact of the judge’s ruling is unclear.

    State officials writing new graduation requirements want students pursuing an advanced diploma to have work experience.

    One parent, worried about potential safety issues, also said her kids missed more than 30 days of gym because of early voting.

    The state House Education Committee approved a bill that would increase school funding to historically underfunded districts like Philly and reform spending on cyber charter schools.

    ‘Don’t Wait’ follows three young women as they fight for environmental justice, the removal of school police, and access to arts education. Each activist takes her own path to achieve change.

    This episode of P.S. Weekly looks at funding drama for an arts program at a New York City school and the importance of swim lessons for water safety.

    The bills would make districts screen all students for dyslexia and reading difficulties. Schools would also have to use the ‘science of reading’ to intervene in literacy instruction for those students.

    The program will prioritize collaborations between school districts and community organizations.

    Jeannine Hendricks Payne departs Masterman in the wake of controversies over antisemitism and admissions changes to lead Strawberry Mansion High.

    The funding will help keep school budgets afloat, restore hours that had been cut from the city’s popular summer school initiative, and stabilize a slew of other programs.

    New report: Schools can be a game changer for students who live near the sites of killings

    Proposed changes would eliminate a diploma popular with Indiana’s college-going students while it’s not clear if the state has enough support to help them meet new requirements.

    After a spring full of FAFSA issues, Colorado advisors offer advice for students planning to attend college in the fall.

    In the first crucial hours, police could not get access to video surveillance, a witness, and other key information in a shooting that left two students dead, two wounded. CPS says it cooperated.

    Denver Scholarship Foundation counselor Federico Rangel said advisers worry that graduates won’t have the support they need to show up on campus in the fall.

    Over 100 students, educators, and parents rallied outside the Board of Education meeting on Thursday demanding the school district do more to support difficult classroom conversations about the rights of Palestinian people.