Las nuevas restricciones al aborto podrían aumentar la pobreza infantil y perjudicar el futuro educativo de las mujeres, entre otros impactos potenciales en el sistema escolar estadounidense.
Ray will continue serving as superintendent of Tennessee’s largest school district through the review
Even after the mandate was lifted, I kept my face covered at school. Here’s why.
Sharita Jerkins wants people to know that her students can do anything. That includes dissecting a frog.
Nearly 17% of Memphis students in grades 3-12 performed at or above grade-level expectations in math and English
The state is proposing to fund two applicants’ plans to pay for transportation to some Adams students.
Supporters say getting students interested early in fields like coding is crucial.
The during-school virtual tutoring will focus on K-2 literacy at the district’s low-performing schools emerging schools, but could expand to other grade levels.
More than $102,000 has been raised to help Dever Elementary teacher Zoe Kolpack and her family. She, her husband, her father, and her brother-in-law were shot.
I was an ‘invisible’ student my whole life, but in prison, I became a teacher’s aide.
The eight-member expansion of the city’s education panel, which was passed under the original bill, will be delayed by five months.
Officials plan renovations and an addition to better accommodate special education and music programs
A settlement will ensure that families of children with disabilities be provided with language interpretation services in Chicago during planning meetings.
COVID-19 forced schools to collect and share data differently. But experts and education departments are still determining what changes will stick.
School security and the teacher pension system are also among the winners in a year of budget surplus
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Early childhood councils, school districts, and nonprofit organizations are among the three dozen groups that have applied to run Colorado’s universal preschool program at the local level.
Current and former Nashville school officials say Shawn Joseph’s tenure precipitated a “morale crisis.”
Jessica Tavares says students are more willing to try their best when they can be themselves.
Last year, I was lost. A different kind of curriculum helped me get back on track.
Pero al entrar al año 2021-22, las escuelas católicas vieron su primer aumento en dos décadas.
XQ is supporting new robotics and design-themed high schools, the city’s new virtual academies, and three other projects.
Las reglas escolares aclaran que las protecciones de la ley de derechos civiles aplican a los estudiantes LGBTQ.
If mayoral control sunsets on Thursday, the city would have to reinstate the former system of 32 community boards.
A read-aloud book started an experiment for a class in Saint Louis County, Missouri. Two years later, the benefits were more than just a tight-knit community.
One caveat to the gains: There was relatively low attendance, especially on the final day of the pilot.
The Republican race in the 8th Congressional District was the only contested primary among four open seats on the State Board of Education.
Virtual tutoring companies want to become a more permanent fixture in schools. Their impact so far is unclear.
Colorado laws require the state to intervene in low-performing school districts, and list reorganization as an option, but that had never been used before.
Roberto Padilla left his role last year as the head of Newburgh’s school system after allegations of sexual harassment.
The plan calls for helping families access care more easily, expanding services to reach 41,000 more children.
COVID vaccines for children under 5 are finally available. In the first week, more than 2,000 Chicagoans have gotten shots.
Local students are helping Chicago voters cast ballots for the primary election by working as election judges through Mikva Challenge.
Chalkbeat created a lookup tool examining changes to Fair Student Funding, a major source of funding for schools.
The failed resolution will likely be back before the Detroit school board in July
Colorado’s State Board of Education asked Adams 14 to begin reorganizing, but in the meantime, asked the district to hire outside help to work on improvement plans.
The votes took place amid an investigation into whether the district’s charter school policy is racially biased.
It’s the court’s latest move to protect religious freedom in education — and bypass concerns about separation of church and state.
The department’s guidance is not binding on districts, but it may influence their approach to negotiations with parents of students with disabilities.
Indiana spends $3 million a year helping Hoosiers without degrees quickly earn certificates in high-wage fields.
New York City’s Class of 2022 returned to school full time after two disrupted years. Four graduating high school seniors told us about how they made it through.