First-person education stories
An English teacher and a school librarian in NYC launched an effort that is helping teens increase their reading stamina.
My experiences led me to fight for change for Tennessee teachers.
Miss Anne Marie, a teacher with NYC’s Hospital Schools, taught elementary school from the pediatric cancer ward.
Many lessons focus on what unfolded on that terrible Tuesday without examining the devastation that followed.
The question for all but the strongest, most charismatic teaching personalities: How do you want to come across to your new students?
We are lucky to work in an environment where there is such a clear beginning, middle, and end of every year of work.
We’ve failed to show many educators of color that teaching and education leadership are viable career paths.
I wasn’t prepared for the anti-Asian racism I experienced this summer.
It took a few days, but the girls who are staying at a local police station with their families are now officially enrolled in Chicago Public Schools.
A new study lays bare the realities of gun violence in Chicago.
Chalkbeat’s 2023-24 paid essay writing program is open to high school juniors and seniors in NYC and Newark.
Growing up, masculinity meant denying vulnerability. There’s a better way.
Latest education news
Superintendent Aleesia Johnson used her speech to invite Indianapolis families to consider the district’s offerings.
Slutzker said he believes it’s important for district decision-makers to listen to teachers. “They’re the experts,” he said.
The principal at Francis Lewis High School said one student was responsible for the accounts.
After canceling school board elections the last two cycles, the district has its first contested race in six years.
School-level data from the 2023 Illinois Assessment for Readiness shows many schools have not returned to pre-pandemic levels of students meeting standards in reading and math.
Schools must replace methods of literacy instruction that use three-cueing within the next year.
Crystal Johnson, an AP English teacher affectionately known as Miss CJ, was recently named a 2023 Educator of Excellence.
Board president Asia Norton publicly announced her resignation in a Facebook post on Monday.
One rule bars students from using their official accounts to send emails outside the school system.
El programa preescolar universal de Colorado ya está aquí. Si el medio día de clases no es suficiente, estos programas podrían ayudar.
The virtual tutoring can vary from school to school, and can be used to fill vacant positions, offer academic interventions, or provide SAT prep.
Some principals say the program is paying off and want to find funding to keep it going.
Chicago’s office that manages special education hasn’t had a chief since June. Now the board of education is searching for the next department head and asking the public for its input on who the next chief should be.
The New York Civil Liberties Union said the policy is unconstitutional, but education department officials defended it.
Shipments of the new COVID vaccine are expected to arrive in the coming weeks and should be “plentiful” by early October, public health officials said this week.

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Johnson’s stroke, the second for a school board member in as many years, underscores the pressure of public service roles, said his pastor.
As a new school year gets underway, the Newark Police Department is struggling to fill vacant crossing guard positions. Some community groups want the department to change its application process.
The commission will deliver a report to Gov. Josh Shapiro in November to guide development of a fairer, more adequate funding system.
A majority of the students at Hallett are Black, and families say the environment that Principal Dominique Jefferson has created is affirming and joyful.
The Indiana attorney general argues that the exemption to the state’s so-called $1 law only applies to districts that share funds from ballot questions passed after May 10, 2023.
The federal grant, known as Project AWARE, will support Newark in promoting healthy social and emotional learning environments and prevent violence in schools.
Would they support city funding for Memphis-Shelby County Schools? How would they alleviate barriers to education? What is a quality school? Chalkbeat asked the candidates 8 questions.
Just 1,500 students were screened for risk of dyslexia last school year.
National researchers said Colorado’s new universal preschool program could have some of the weakest quality standards in the country.
State officials have not yet released broader data showing how students across the city or state fared on last year’s exams.
Herron Prep Academy is one of three schools in the Herron Classical Schools charter network, all three of which are part of the Indianapolis Public Schools autonomous Innovation Network.
Se desconoce la cantidad de padres-estudiantes en universidades y colegios comunitarios públicos en Colorado, los servicios que se ofrecen son limitados, y estos estudiantes se sienten aislados de sus compañeros. “Realmente somos un fantasma. No nos ven”.
Families use the application for entry to a variety of schools, including selective test-in schools and neighborhood schools outside of their attendance boundaries.
Here’s what we know: high-poverty schools face a bigger cliff, that more federal money won’t be forthcoming, and that school budgets will be shaped both by districts’ own financial decisions and those made by state politicians.
Vitti is already looking ahead to next year’s contract and the need to retain mid-career teachers.
Our text updates will highlight major school board news and how it affects 38,000 students.
NYC schools no longer will report COVID cases, but students and staff still need to isolate for five days.
Her book discusses the racial history of school vouchers, the more progressive arguments for school choice, the rise of charter schools, and choice advocates’ recent focus on culture war issues.
One proposal would spell out rules and a timeline for closing schools due to declining enrollment. Another would cap elementary school enrollment at 600 students.
Attendance rate slips, too, due in part to heat-related dismissals. ‘This week will give a better indicator,’ Superintendent Vitti says.
Illinois Action for Children’s report on child care in Cook County found that federal emergency relief funds allowed many providers to keep their doors open. However, families still face barriers to get affordable care.
Chalkbeat Tennessee will keep you updated via text messages on important Memphis-Shelby County Schools board decisions every month.
A MOU with Indianapolis Public Schools provides groundwork for community involvement at School 43, which has long had a network of community partners eager to help the floundering school.
Outward Bound programs have taken on new weight after a series of difficult years for Philadelphia students and staff.